The Hometown Dilemma (Meet Cute Book Club #0) Read Online Julie Archer

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Who says you can’t go home?
Coming back to Abbott Ridge and starting over was my plan. But, just like everything in life, plans change. Especially when the interior design reality tv show I dreamed of taking part in gets canceled before filming even begins. Now I’m stuck without a job and forced to rethink how I’ll start my own company.
Insert Wade Dempsey.
Owner of Dempsey’s bar, and one of my closest friends from college. He immediately offers me a temporary job working with him, like old times.
It’s an offer I can’t refuse. Oh, and did I mention that my new boss is even sexier than I remember?
Things between us are going great…until a call from New York presents me with a new offer that has me second guessing my stay in Abbott Ridge.

Home is where the heart is.
I’ve spent my whole life in Abbott Ridge, running in and out of my family’s bar until I was finally old enough to take over. Now I’m in charge, but it’s a struggle to keep the place from going under. I need fresh ideas to compete with all the fancy bars and clubs popping up downtown.
Insert, Jaime Harlow.
Having Jaime back behind my bar seems like a good place to start. She’s an inspiration and a breath of fresh air, in more ways than one.
Old times, new feelings – and one stormy night – are all we need to ignite the desires I never realized existed.
When New York calls for Jaime and the only future I’ve known goes up in flames, we find ourselves faced with a huge dilemma that threatens our new found relationship. Can we really make this work when right now it feels like we can’t even see eye to eye? There’s only one way to find out.


Chapter One


“Jaime! Over here!”

I turned towards the voice calling my name, then instantly wished I hadn’t.

Standing at the front of the Raleigh Airport arrivals area was my younger sister, Cami, brandishing a homemade banner, festooned with pink glitter and swirly writing, bearing the lettering: WELCOME HOME JAIME!

Several other travelers swiveled around to look my way, probably expecting to see someone famous, disappointment flickering on their faces when they didn’t recognize me. Inwardly cringing, I plastered on a smile and headed in her direction, pretending nothing was wrong.

“Seriously, Cami? A banner?”

As I got closer to her, she threw the banner in the air, screamed, and rushed towards me for a hug. “I’m so glad you’re here at last!” she breathed.

I let her have her moment, then extricated myself from her grasp. “You didn’t need to make such a fuss.” A tiny part of me had enjoyed the extra attention, but I wasn’t about to let Cami in on that little nugget.

Cami pouted. “I know I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. Having you back home is a big deal.”

“Then let’s get home.”

My sister bent down to pick up the banner; God forbid she should leave it behind. She grabbed the luggage cart, piled high with suitcases, and pulled it towards the exit. “Is this really all your stuff? I thought you were coming home for good.”

“I am. There’s a lot of stuff in storage, and I have some boxes being delivered in the next few days.” When I decided to come back to Abbott Ridge, I took the opportunity to declutter the heck out of my life. Clothes and shoes I didn’t wear went to Goodwill, I donated furniture and other possessions to charity, then gave other things away to friends and colleagues. I tried to keep the essentials, the things that would enhance the next stage of my life.

Between us, we wrestled the three suitcases into the car, which wasn’t built for major house moves. Cami had to peer over the top of the cases as she drove us back home. On the journey, Cami chatted incessantly about nothing, telling me all the latest gossip from the town. She gave me a quick-fire update on all our mutual friends without taking a breath, talking all the way from the airport right up until she pulled into the driveway.

When we got home, I took in the house. It hadn’t changed much since I’d last been there. We’d grown up there and experienced life-changing moments, like the night our dad died and the day our mom said she was going to live in Florida with a guy she’d met online. But despite everything, it was ours and no one could take that away from us.

After getting all my stuff inside, I spent a few minutes walking from room to room, my designer’s eye taking in everything. If I had my way, I’d redecorate everywhere and remodel some of the downstairs to get the best out of the space we had. I pushed that thought aside for tonight. I knew it’d be an argument Cami and I would have within a week of me being home.