The Alpha’s Inferno (Wolf Shifters of Grey Ridge #2) Read Online Reece Barden

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Marcus is the new sheriff, tasked with keeping law and order in this wolf town. The tough grizzly is determined to prove he’s moved on from his troubled past and notorious family. Looking for an easy life and a fresh start, his infatuation with the local doctor is a distraction he doesn’t need. Even if his bear is telling him otherwise.
Leila has a reputation as the wolf pack princess. To be seen, but definitely not to be touched. She’s worked hard to carve out a life for herself as something other than the Alpha’s daughter. When she meets her fated mate, a bear shifter who’s the opposite of what she expected, she wants passion and fireworks, but the grumpy sheriff has other plans.
All of which involve staying far, far away from Leila Jones.

When an old enemy resurfaces in Grey Ridge, tragedy hits their small mountain town, putting both their lives in danger. Will it bring them together or tear them further apart?




I’m going to die a virgin.

It’s official. I have obviously done something to anger the fates. My mate, the sexiest man I have ever seen, and the one I was just about to suggest do unspeakable things to me, is currently doing some serious back-pedalling despite the scorching heat between us.

And I know exactly why.

“Leila Jones, as in Alpha Jonathan Jones’s daughter?” he asks again, his deep masculine voice laced with concern. It’s as if he is praying the answer will have miraculously changed from the first time that he asked me. Thick black brows shade his delicious chocolate eyes. They’re drawn down heavily under the weight of his frown.

I wish I could rewind to thirty seconds ago. Before he knew who I was. Before he decided I wasn’t worth the hassle. Before he realised that he was better off making his excuses and calling a halt to the evening; another person who is all too quick to write me off as just the pack princess.

I should have refused to give him my name. Maybe it would have made me seem mysterious and sexy rather than terrifying. It had been the best evening of my life until now, with plenty of easy laughter, smouldering glances, and subtle touches that have been sending my pulse racing. I know bears don’t feel the mate bond the same way wolves do, but I know he can feel something powerful between us.

He doesn’t seem like the type of man who lets loose too often, but from the second I sat down beside him, he had a glint in his eye and a witty remark at the ready. And despite all the female attention he is getting, he hasn’t given anyone else a second glance. I’ve never felt so special and so connected to someone in such a short space of time. I was under his spell from the second I walked through the door and caught his woodsy scent.

Just one tumble in the hay with this mountain of a man would be enough. I pray to the Moon Goddess to just let me have that, and I’ll be happy. But I already know that’s a lie.

One taste and I’d be hooked.

I briefly wonder if I just leaned forward and kissed him with all that I have, whether I could stop him from doing what he’s about to do.

But I don’t.

Instead, I just nod like a coward as self-preservation wins out. If he is about to run away from me, it won’t be quite as mortifying if he doesn’t have to physically pry me off him.

“So, you know my father, then?” I ask casually, already knowing the answer. My father, as the alpha of the local pack, is widely known and respected, and more than a little feared. For me, this translates to every unmated male wolf I meet avoiding me like the plague.

Except for alpha males.

They seek me out for this very reason. Ambitious alphas want the prestige that comes from mating a coveted alpha female. They’re interested in good breeding though, rather than me as a person, or heaven forbid, finding love.

Most of them think a big bank account, a fancy house, and the promise of a life of luxury is enough to turn any woman’s head. Personality seems to be way down on the list of qualities they are looking for in a mate, but that’s not what I want. My parents are fated mates. All my life, I’ve hoped and dreamed that I’d be fortunate enough to find my own. It is by no means guaranteed.

But here he is.

Presented to me on a silver platter. Appearing like some sort of hunky mirage, perched on a barstool in my hometown dive bar, like he was just sitting here waiting for me to find him.

A bear as my fated mate makes perfect sense. I had never considered it before, assuming they would be another wolf or maybe a human. When I saw him, I thought how clever the fates were, giving me a man who doesn’t care about things like pack politics. A mainly solitary animal who doesn’t feel the need to bow and scrape to others. A dominant bear like this wouldn’t be concerned with trivial things like pack status and scary fathers.