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That Night (Coming Home To The Grove #4)

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Hope Ford

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That one night changed my life.
I could chalk it up to the fact that I hadn’t had a night off in a while. Being the new veterinarian in town has kept me pretty busy. But it was more than that.
The instant attraction between us was too much to resist, so I took him home with me. I had no regrets… Until he left the next morning.
No note. No goodbye. No nothing. I thought I’d never see him again and figured he was just passing through town.
Then I found out he’s none other than Derrick Keller, the owner of the biggest ranch in town.
Our paths are going to cross. Probably a lot. He’s hot. He’s cold. And I don’t have time for that.
All I want to know is why he left when it was just getting good.
Welcome to Forest Grove.
It’s a small town in the hills of Tennessee where everyone knows each other and love always prevails.
For one reason or another, the people may leave, but they each return to find love and romance in this small town with a big heart.
Coming Home to the Grove is a series of interconnected, stand-alone small-town romance stories. Each book promises a sweet, steamy, happily ever after.
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Coming Home To The Grove Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



“Petey could get used to having a pretty lady vet coming to see him,” Trent Keller teases me. I laugh at the ranch owner. From someone else, it might seem that he’s flirting with me. But not Trent. It’s obvious to anyone that meets him that he’s in love with his fiancée, Lacy. Plus, I’m good friends with the wife-to-be.

“I think he’s getting used to me already. Aren’t you, Petey?” Running my hand over the horse, I look for the health quality of fur and the whites of his eyes for clarity. “Looks like his stomach issues are clearing up. I’d like to give him a few more days on his treatment and then I’ll come back and get a blood sample to screen.”

Trent agrees. “You’re already better than the vet Winters. He was getting too old to keep up with all the ranches around here. You never knew when he’d show up after calling him, he was moving pretty slow. I know you’re still new as the vet in town, but your reputation is already stellar, and that’s saying something in a ranching community.”

“Thanks, Trent. I take my work seriously, so I’m glad to hear that people can see that,” I say.

He nods and sort of laughs.

“What’s so funny?” I ask with my hand on my hip.

He puts up his hands up in surrender quickly. “Nothing bad. I was just agreeing that you take your work seriously. I don’t think you’ve taken a moment to breathe since you got back. Have you gone out for any fun or to just have a drink and unwind?”

“I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself,” I say since I can’t exactly say that I’ve taken any time to unwind. He’s made a good point. In fact, he doesn’t know how good a point he’s just made.

As I pack up my supplies, I try to remember the last time I cut loose enough to even get laid, and if my recollection can be trusted, it’s been more than a year. I moved to Forest Grove when I was a freshman in high school. I never fit in and was happy to leave when I graduated.

I look around the ranch and see the mountains and the road leading to town. I never thought I would come back here, but what I’ve found is that even though I hated it then, I know after being in the big city and living that life that I want the small-town life. This would be a great place to raise kids. I barely resist rolling my eyes. At this rate, I’ll never get married or have kids. I’ve put everything into finishing my degree and residency. Now that I’ve become the vet at Happy Critters, I’ve put one hundred percent into that without taking any time off, not even a night out.

What am I waiting for? I put off relationships and the fun nights out so that I could get top marks in school and get my own veterinary business going. Well, I’m finished with school and internships. I’ve got my business running.

I feel a big smile curve my lips as the realization sinks in that I’ve earned some time for fun. I’ve only got two more stops to make and then I’m off for the night.


After a tough day of driving cattle and successfully training Bastian, the three-year-old quarter horse on the job, I’m ready to do a little celebrating. Even though I’m one that keeps to myself mostly, I still know when I need a break. A few beers and a few games of pool is just the opportunity I need.

After getting cleaned up, I go to the Roadside Diner and Bar on the outskirts of town, where I play a game of pool and have a few drinks. “How you doing?” I ask Sheriff Scott Jordan as I walk by his table. He’s not in uniform and seems to be here on a date.

“Good, Derrick. How’s it going out at the ranch?”

“Good. Good. We’ve had to pick up some slack since Jason joined up, but Trent and I have it under control.”

“Carrie, this is…” Scott starts to say.

“Derrick Keller,” she says, interrupting the sheriff. “I know him. He and Bart are good friends.”

Her older brother Bart was a good friend of mine back in high school, and the last I heard he was a detective in Knox. “How’s he been? I haven’t seen him in ages.”

“He’s good. He’s coming to visit soon. I’ll have him come out to the ranch to see you.”

Ordinarily, I turn down offers to visit, but Bart was definitely a good friend to me and my family growing up. “That’d be great. Well, I’ll let you two get back to your dinner.”

After a few niceties and a wave from Carrie, I walk away.