Tazhio (Kirenai Fated Mates #4) Read Online Tamsin Ley

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An anxious traveler . . .
Tamara’s quite happy sitting at home with her dog and making custom embroidery to sell on Etsy, but when she wins tickets to an intergalactic singles cruise, her sisters bully her into going. The next thing she knows, she’s acting stupid over a shuttle pilot with brilliant blue skin and a smile that could melt the clothes right off her body…

A hotshot pilot . . .
Tazhio is all about flying — the more thrilling, the better. He doesn’t plan to be a mere shuttle pilot forever, though, and the last thing he wants is to get bogged down with a mate. Yet he can’t take his mind off the breathtaking human with the annoying quadruped. He even convinces her to come on one of his day tours to show off his aerial moves.
But when a freak accident strands them on a hostile alien planet where the locals seem hell-bent on rutting anything female, they must join forces to stay alive and search for survivors. And little do they know that more than their lives are at stake. They’re about to lose their hearts…




Do aliens ever get motion sick? I can’t stop the thought rolling around in my head as our limo turns down the palm-tree-lined street leading to the spaceport. My stomach roils, despite the prescription patch my sister, Suzanne, affixed behind my ear. I got through a commercial flight and a car ride, but I dread boarding the space shuttle that will transport us to the cruise ship waiting in orbit.

I stare out the window and chew my nail, my other hand clutched in Beanie’s fur. My six-pound chihuahua is laid back, as usual, a ball of heat on my lap. My sisters tried to talk me out of bringing him along, but this entire escapade is so far outside my comfort zone, I’m worried even he won't provide enough emotional support. Why did I let them talk me into this?

Suzanne grabs my wrist, pulling my hand away from my mouth. Her red-gold hair falls in a perfect swish over her forehead, and her green eyes are compassionate. “Stop it, Tamara. You’re going to ruin your manicure.”

I curl my fingers into my palm to hide the chipped red paint. I’m not really a mani-pedi kind of person, but my sisters insisted I had to dress up to travel first class. After several hours of travel, I'm feeling anything but classy. And we haven’t even made it into space yet. My green peekaboo blouse keeps slipping off my shoulders, and the stretchy waistband has rolled uncomfortably down under my belly. I wish I’d put my foot down about the clothes. Or put my foot down about this entire trip.

But I’ve never been good at standing up for myself.

All three of my sisters chatter excitedly about their upcoming plans, but I’m barely listening until my twin sister, Jennifer, nudges my knee. “I said, let me see your phone.”

She’s sitting across from us with her back to the driver. The enormous case containing her astronomy equipment rests on the seat beside her. She’s dreamed of going to space since we were kids, and is the main reason I couldn’t say no to the trip.

“Why do you want our phones?” Our younger sister, Bethany, clutches the sparkly case of her phone against her chest. As usual, she looks stunning in her flouncy yellow sundress, her wavy auburn hair freshly cut and styled. Our little sister is outgoing, loud, and always looks like she’s about ready to go on TV—which makes sense because she hosts a popular television cooking show.

Jennifer wrestles Bethany’s phone out of her grip. “I’m installing an app that will let us document any spatial events or anomalies.”

I hand my phone over without a word. I know better than to argue.

“I’m not going on this cruise to spend my time gathering data for you.” Suzanne tries to snatch her phone back, but Jennifer bats her hand away. “The only research I want to do is which alien has the tightest abs.”

“Chill,” Jennifer says. “I’m amping up our Bluetooth signals so the phones will stay tethered, even without cell service. That way, we can keep track of each other while we’re fending off horny aliens.”

“God, I hope they’re horny.” Suzanne sighs. “I’ve swiped nothing but duds on Bumble lately.” Newly divorced with both kids off to college, Suzanne’s a free agent for the first time in nineteen years. Another reason I can’t say no to this trip.

I, on the other hand, have zero desire to meet eligible men, let alone alien men, not with my track record. My last boyfriend gave me the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech, then promptly moved in with another woman. Other than the mandatory parties we’re to attend, I plan on holing up in my room with Beanie and my latest embroidery project.