Skeeter (Night Howler’s MC New Orleans #2) Read Online Marissa Ann

Categories Genre: Romance Tags Authors: Series: Night Howler's MC New Orleans Series by Marissa Ann

Total pages in book: 28
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Katrina: oblivious, fearful, gutsy
Skeeter: vexed, steadfast, indomitable

After meeting with the Feds, Skeeter finds out that some of the women that his crew rescued from the human traffickers have started disappearing and only his crew knew where the women were. A traitor in his mists, Skeeter must flush him out and save these women.
Katrina suffers from complete amnesia, not knowing her real name or her own age. The only people she knows and trusts are the men who rescued her and the other women. One day one of her rescuers comes to her door and tells her she needs to come with him.
Trusting these men, she willing goes only to find herself taken back into a situation she had hoped had ended for good. Determined not to be a victim again, Katrina starts looking for a way to escape, fearing the worst and thinking the Night Howlers have betrayed her.
This madman says Katrina belongs to him. What would happen if she tries to escape and he catches her?
Skeeter doesn’t know who he can trust among his own men and has to find these women in time before they are sold or worse.
Who would dare become a traitor to the Night Howlers?

Can Skeeter figure out who the traitor is and who he can trust?
Can he rescue Katrina and the other women in time?


Chapter 1


“Ma’am? Can you open your eyes?” I hear from a voice that sounds so far away.

Trying to turn my head in the direction it’s coming from, pain shoots through every fiber of my body. A groan escapes my lips, surprising me with the sound.

“Water?” I barely say above a whisper. My throat feels impossibly dry.

I feel cold fingers on my face just as one of my eyes is forced open and a bright light invades the darkness.

I jump, trying to turn away which causes even more pain through my skull.

“Please.” I beg, not knowing if these people are trying to hurt me.

“Give her some water!” I hear a growly voice command from somewhere else in the room.

I force my own eyes open, looking for the source of the voice. Everything is fuzzy and blurry.

“Here.” I hear the voice yet again but much closer. Almost too close.

I jump slightly feeling yet another touch to the side of my face just before a straw touches my bottom lip.

“Drink. But not too quickly.” The voice somehow becomes softer. Forcing my eyes open a little more, I make out the features of the man holding the cup.

Noticing my eyes directed at him, he stares back as I slowly sip at the water.

Letting go of the straw, he pulls the cup away.

“Thank you.” I whisper, closing my eyes once more.

“You are welcome, Katrina.” He says back but my eyes pop back open.

“Who are you?” I ask.

Smirking slightly, “I’m called Skeeter.”

Thinking it over for several long seconds, I reply, “What kind of name is that?”

He only chuckles back in answer.

Looking slowly around the room, I notice what must be a doctor and several nurses in the room.

“Why am I in the hospital?” Looking down at my own arms I realize they are covered in bruises. “Was I in an accident?”

Looking up I see confusion on all their faces. My heart begins to pound at the fact no one is saying anything.

“Can you tell us what your last name is, Miss Katrina?” The doctor asks, moving closer to the bed.

Thinking about his question I realize that I don’t remember what it is. I’m actually not certain Katrina is my name either.

“, I’m not sure.” Tears invade my eyes. The guy next to the bed puts his hand into mine, barely squeezing my fingers.

“It’s okay. There’s plenty of time for you to remember everything. For now its best if you rest for a while.” The doctor states, writing on the tablet in his hand. “I’ll be back to check on you before my shift ends.” He smiles, glancing over at Skeeter before walking out the door.

“I should let you rest too.” Skeeter says, letting go of my hand.

“You’ll come back?” I ask, almost in a panic at the thought of him not being here.

“I won’t be far.” He smiles back at me before slowly closing the door behind him.

Laying back into my pillow, I struggle to keep my eyes open and realize the nurse must have put something into my IV before leaving with the doctor.

Why can’t I remember? I think to myself before falling back to sleep.


“She still doesn’t remember anything. Not even her own name. Were you able to at least find a last name for her?” Doc asks outside of Katrina’s room.

Watching her through the glass window, I can only shake my head in answer. I come by every day to check on her and to talk with her doctor about her condition.