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Nolan - The Doherty Mafia

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Savannah Rylan

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Her father is the feckin' enemy. She thinks I don't know. That I won't tell anyone. But I will, when I have proof.
For now, I'll play along with her little ruse. Until she gets in my bed.
Now I'm hooked. How the hell do I get into these messes?
And what lengths will I go to to get both of us out?
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Savannah Rylan



I needed a break. I’d been standing there, trying to make small talk for the past three hours and I really needed a breather.

When the heavyset woman with the impossible hair walked into the salon, Eliza and Marcie turned to me and rolled their eyes. I knew exactly what they’d do, but they were the ones closest to the door and I couldn’t stop them. So they simply stepped out before I did anything about it.

Ruby, our manager, gave me a shrug before greeting the woman.

“Hello Mrs. Bailey, Amelia here will assist you today,” she said.

I dug my nails into the palms of my hands. We all knew Mrs. Bailey pretty well, and none of us wanted to work with her.

She was a bitch. To everyone. It was like she came to get her hair done only so she could dump all her life’s problems on us and blame us for them. People she paid, and who’d have no way to escape her.

I stared at Ruby pleadingly, but I knew she wouldn’t do anything about it. There wasn’t any way Ruby would put herself on the chopping block if she could help it.

Mrs. Bailey strutted over to me, looking me up and down like she certainly didn’t like what she saw. Already I felt the anger building up inside of me. How would I get through this in one piece?

“What can I do for you today?” I tried on my sweetest voice for size. Anybody who really knew me would’ve recognized it as completely put on. I never sounded like that in real life. It almost turned my mouth sour, it tasted so bad.

The woman bounced over and sat in the chair in front of me, facing the mirror as she tried to cross her legs but failed because her thighs got in the way.

She turned her head both ways, keeping her eyes fixed on herself.

“I have a very specific look in mind so don’t you mess it up,” she replied sharply, eyeing me in the mirror.

“I’ll try to do the best I can.”

“That’s not good enough. There isn’t any room for error here. Do you even know what you’re doing? You look too young to be working here,” she said, pushing her nose up in the air like she’d smelled something gross.

“I’ve been cutting and styling hair for five years,” I replied.

I picked up my scissors in the hopes that would shut her up, but the woman only rolled her eyes. My experience and expertise didn’t matter to her. All she cared about was complaining before I even started.

“I’m warning you, if you mess this up for me, I’m not paying,” she said, sitting back in the chair.

I caught Ruby’s eye in the mirror and she looked almost afraid. Ruby was a useless manager because she had no idea how to handle this. She definitely wasn’t looking out for her employees. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t look out for myself.

I brought the scissors close to her hair, standing over her menacingly. At that moment, I was the one who was in the more powerful position and I wanted her to understand that.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Bailey, I’ll make sure you pay exactly what you owe,” I replied with a sweet smile.

Growing up ‘in the system’ had taken care of two things for me in my adult life. Firstly, I knew how to take care of myself.

I was petite. Small. I looked younger than my age. Most people mistook me for a teenager even though I’d turned twenty-one a few months ago. But if anyone tried to use my looks or my age against me, they had another thing coming.

Moving around between foster homes all my life had hardened me up and made me suspicious of everyone. The only way for me to survive was by being selfish. I didn’t have anybody else in my life. I didn’t have a family or anyone I needed to think about.

I believed I was entitled to my selfishness.

The second thing the system took care of was preparing me for everything. I’d truly seen it all.

When I was eight, I had to sneak out of the house I lived in, in the middle of the night, in nothing but my pajamas and a kitchen knife I lay awake in bed with. I had been moved to that home only two days prior, and my new ‘Dad’ looked at me in a way I knew reeked of trouble.

I’d already caught him peeking through the keyhole in the bathroom while I was in the shower. I knew I couldn’t peacefully fall asleep at night because then I’d be completely vulnerable to him and his intentions.

I stole a knife from the kitchen and spent the nights awake in bed.

On the third night, when I heard the floorboards creak outside my door, I knew it was him. He was coming for me. Even though I expected him, I knew he’d easily overpower me. So I screamed at the top of my lungs, just to startle him and keep him away for a few extra minutes while I climbed out of the window in my room.