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This isn’t the typical love at first sight urban tale. And there is no denying that Trey and Nytia have an instant attraction for each other, and it is quite obvious that they are meant to be together. Falling in love is easy. But what happens after that? Trey would have never guessed that just by approaching Nytia at the mall one afternoon and spending one night with her that his life would change so drastically with just a conversation with her father, Los, the most powerful man in the city of Pittsburgh, PA.
The Mahr is a thought provoking fictional tale that gives you the day in the life of a first generation Muslimah woman navigating the complexities of life, all the while trying to live a clean cut life after a less than ideal past…

Readers will be kept on the edge of their seats as they are immersed into the lives of the couple and their close family and friends.Trey will struggle and face many dilemmas to help Nytia come to terms with her past. Nytia & Trey are the dopest couple since Bonnie & Clyde. The two of them, being together, benefits Los’s business enterprise in more ways than one. Although Los is happy that Nytia & Trey are together, their relationship gains a lot of unbeknownst naysayers. Ever hear of the term “All is fair in love and war?” Well, see how it plays out in this story..


Pronunciation too

Aayan aka Los Eye-N

Abdallah- Ab-doll-la

Angelique- An-juh-leek

Ariane- Air-E-N

Ariel- Air-re-L

Arionna- Air-e-on-ah

Arlonna aka Lonnie- Ar-lawn- nah

Bill- Bill

Dasia Day-juh

Kera- Care-uh

Kheaira Key-air-uh

Nishay aka Shay- Knee-shay

Nyeara- Ny-air-uh

Nytia Ny-tee-yuh

Rajih- Raw-ji

Riley- Ry-lee

Smiley- Smyl-ee

Tamia aka Tammy- Ta-mee-ya

Terrell aka Rel- Tuh-rail

Tiff- Tiff

Tommy- Tom-me

Tracia aka Cece- Tra-cee-yuh

Trey- Tray

Vern- Va-iron

Vice- Vice

A mahr is part of every Muslim marriage contract.

The mahr is often paid to the bride in parts...

Chapter 1

Part 1

“RING, RING, RING... RING, RING, RING” Nytia groggily lifted her head from underneath her blanket to grab her phone. Rays of sunshine snuck in through the blinds and filled the room with light, temporarily blinding her. As she blinked rapidly, her eyes attuned to the light before she pulled the covers back over her head. She had just fallen asleep, and she wasn’t ready to be woken up yet. Nytia peaked at her screen to see who the offender was that was disturbing her sleep. She let out a loud sigh once she recognized the caller, knowing that if she didn’t pick up now that they would keep calling.

“South-side Burger King, home of the Whopper, what’s your beef?” Nytia yawned loudly, throwing the covers off her as she stretched with her phone held between the crook of her neck.

“Girl, I know you ain’t still sleeping!” Kheaira snapped. Nytia squinted her eyes as she glanced at her clock on the nightstand. It was barely 8:30 in the morning. Yes, she was still sleeping. She didn’t get to sleep until after four this morning. She got a call from a client a little after eleven last night as she was getting ready for bed and they were freaking out about their hair.

“WHAT do you want?” Making sure that she emphasized the what she rolled over on her side wrapping her arms around herself; phone laying on her face now.

“Did you hear about that party tonight at Intimate? It’s supposed to be littttt.” Kheaira sang into the phone. One word to describe Kheaira could be loud or turnt. Her personality could be just as loud as her mouth, if not worse. If she was quiet and not making unnecessary banter, something was wrong. Her constant sidebars were the equivalent of ad-libs in a song.

Nytia shook her head. Partying was the last thing on her mind right now. Not you waking me out of my sleep for nonsense, she thought; putting Kheaira on speaker to get on Instagram. “Girl, you know I heard about it. All the ballers’ and ratchets will be in full attendance tonight.” The yawn that escaped from her tickled her nose, so she rubbed it.

“Girl, you ain’t never lied.” Kheaira exclaimed excitedly, totally missing Nytia’s shade. “It’s all over the gram. Don’t tell me no, we’re going. It’s been forever since you went out! You shaking that lil’ booty tonight, bitch! So, get dressed so we can go to the mall. Call me when you’re on your way.” Kheaira said, rushing Nytia off of the phone before she could decline.

Nytia laid in bed for a few more moments, trying to wrap her mind around her sudden change in plans. A few moments ago, she was having one of the best sleeps of her life. Now she just laid there staring into her walk-in closet, trying to will an outfit into fruition. Hoping something in her closet would magically reveal itself to her, her mind was on the thought of going out tonight. A huge part of her wanted to just text Kheaira and cancel plans, but she knew she would never hear the end.