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Lock Step - Love Under Lockdown

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Jamie Knight

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I know I shouldn’t want him. But what if I can’t resist?
My new stepbrother is such an @sshole. He’s cocky, smug and thinks he’s God’s gift to women.
I was glad our parents didn’t meet until we were in college. But our campuses close due to a pandemic and send us home.
Now we have to live under the same roof. I plan to ignore him, even though he makes that difficult.
Walking around after a shower in just a towel. Showing off his six pack abs and chiseled chest.
I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get it out of my system. But once he’s inside me, we’re both in too deep.
We’ve fallen in forbidden love in secret. But can we make it work in the open?
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Jamie Knight

Prologue - Phil

“What are you looking at, perv?”

“You wish, psycho.”

This had become the daily banter between Tracianne and me.

And she was right– I had been staring at her body, but how could I not? She was flaunting her big boobs at me, figuratively rubbing my face in the fact that I couldn’t literally rub my face in them.

I knew I shouldn’t want to be with her. Her dad had married my mom this past summer, making us step siblings, even though we never knew each other growing up.

Still, it would be too weird. Not to mention the fact that I hated her for being such a stuck-up brat.

But I knew what could fix her haughty attitude. My cock was big enough to make her feel so good she’d calm the fuck down, after begging me to keep fucking her and making her feel good, of course. And I couldn’t help but think about exactly how I would do that.

Now that we were stuck living with our parents during the pandemic, which had closed down our college campus and forced both of us back home, I had to face my temptation daily. She was walking around the pool in a bikini, as if taunting me by showing off her curvy, hourglass figure. Her big breasts bounced as she jumped into the pool and then the water ran down every inch of her soft stomach, thigh thighs and juicy ass.

How could I not think about having just a bit of fun with her, which would help distract both of us during these hard times? Maybe I’d just slide her bikini bottom to the side and put the tip of my cock up against her tiny pussy hole. I’d rub her clit while I jerked myself off, getting close enough to enter, but not going all the way in, because that would just be too crazy.

Who was I kidding?

I always took what I wanted, and I wanted Tracianne.

Not just a little.

Not just as a tease.

Not just the tip.

I wanted to take her all the way.

I didn’t care that it was forbidden, that she was supposed to be off limits.

I would have my way with her if it was the last thing I ever did.

By the time I was done with her, she’d be happy to have had my cock in my mouth. Wiping my cum off her face would certainly help wipe that eternal smirk off of it, too.

Some fun times would bring us closer together and help bury the hatchet.

And I knew exactly where I wanted to bury my cock— right inside her tight little cunt.

“Keep dreaming, slimeball,” she hissed at me now, after she noticed my eyes traveling up and down her curvy figure.

“Like I’d dream of that when living with you is more like a nightmare,” I shot right back at her.

We could pretend-fight all we wanted. I knew that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. She was just acting as if she didn’t, because it was dirty and naughty and forbidden.

But I knew that before quarantine was over, I’d get my way and have my way with Tracianne. It wasn’t a matter of if, it was only a matter of when.

And it was a matter of what would happen after we did it.

How would we keep it on the downlow?

Would it blow our already-dramatic world up even more?

None of that mattered, though.

All that mattered was that she was going to be mine, consequences be damned.

Chapter One - Phil

It was our lunch break on campus, and I was getting hungry. But my friends and I were just shooting the shit.

I was sitting on the bench in front of the Arts Department. It was Mickey, John, Zoe, and me. The two guys and I had become friends in our freshman year, which was two years ago now. Zoe had come into the picture later, as John’s girlfriend. Now, as always, she was hanging all over him, giving him more PDA than Mickey and I could stand.

John was pretty neutral about it. I mean, he had a pretty chill girlfriend, so I guess that was something, but, God. She was just so clingy!

“You guys wanna go to the dining hall?” I suggested. “I’m starving.”

“You’re always starving,” Mickey noted. “Getting blazed before class will do that to you, you know.”

“I fuckin’ wish that’s what it was!” I laughed. “This shit about the virus has got me freaked out. Have you seen the videos?”

“Oh, God, yeah,” Zoe suddenly said, taking a break from sucking John’s lips off. “I’ve been following the news in China. I’m taking Mandarin and the signs they have posted in some cities threaten to break people’s feet if they come outside and their teeth if they complain!”

“I think it’s all overblown,” John piped in dismissively. “Sure, this new Coronavirus is spreading throughout China, but that doesn’t mean it will make its way here.”