Leo (Lighthouse Security Investigations West Coast #2) Read Online Maryann Jordan

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He had no complaints… Great job, great boss, great co-workers. And a best friend he’d known for years.
Okay, almost no complaints… The women he dated paled in comparison to his best friend.
She had a lot of complaints… A job she hated, a tyrant for a boss, working with people that got on her last nerve. And no time for love. Plus, the guys she dated couldn’t come close to her best friend.
Okay, one thing was good… The greatest best friend a girl could ask for.
When Leo assists Natalie on a job, they find themselves in a race for their lives. They also find that sometimes the greatest romances start with friendship.

Lighthouse Security Investigations
The security and investigation company is filled with handpicked men and women from the SEALs, Rangers, Special Forces, Deltas, and Air Force Special Ops. All trained in CIA Special Operations, the Keepers were the best of the best and ready to take on any mission.



Six Years Ago

“Come on, Leo. You know you want to. Hell, you’d probably give up your next leave to get balls deep into her.”

Lionel Parker easily pulled his gaze away from the blonde on the dance floor as she looked over her shoulder toward him while shaking her bountiful assets. Instead of being dragged in by the woman’s overt invitation to join her, he glanced at the woman sitting on the barstool next to him and grinned. Her long, dark hair hung over her shoulders, the tresses now wavy since being loosened from her usual tight regulation bun. Her barely-there makeup enhanced her dark brown eyes but wasn’t needed to make her more beautiful. Faded jeans fit the curves of her hips but did little to add the illusion of height to her petite frame.

In fact, her feet were encased in her shit-kicker boots. When teased about being short, she’d always bark the same response. “Why the fuck would I want to teeter in heels that would hinder my ability to kick ass if a bar fight breaks out?”

He’d grown used to the typical black color of her tops. The wide neck hung off one shoulder, exposing her navy-blue tank underneath. She proclaimed that wearing black allowed her to be equally noticed while sitting on a barstool or hidden in the shadows, depending on her mood.

There was no doubt about it— Natalie Robinson was gorgeous. And as one of his team members, she was completely off-limits. As part of his support team, he needed her to be dedicated and focused, not pissed off or full of emotions that could get in the way of keeping him and the members of his Delta team safe. Not that he’d consider going there anyway. Not with Natalie. She’d become one of his best friends, and he wasn’t about to fuck up that relationship.

“Is Lion on the prowl?” Rocker asked, hefting his muscular frame onto the barstool across from them. His call sign came from when he rocked back too far in his chair during an early training session, and the instructor kicked him the rest of the way over, causing the large man to splatter onto the floor.

Rolling his eyes, Leo took another swig of beer, then shook his head. His team members used his call sign, Lion, but off duty, Natalie had always used the name he’d given when he was first introduced to her. “Nah, more like Nat is just busting my balls.”

“Aw, you’re not afraid of our little Nat.” Rocker reached out to place his large hand on top of Natalie’s head but missed as she ducked out of the way.

“Touch my hair and lose your trigger finger, Rock,” she said, her voice deadly serious while her eyes sparkled.

Rocker hesitated as the other team members at the table laughed. Leo knew that while they found her amusing, none of them were truly sure if she was serious or not. They’d all witnessed her take down big men on the dance floor for getting too handsy and laughed their asses off when she did.

“You better watch it,” Leo warned, lifting a brow and stifling a grin. “You know she’d do it.”

“Hell, yeah,” Casper added. The quietest, most invisible team member seemed more like a ghost than a human but had witnessed Natalie’s ability to handle herself enough to earn everyone’s respect.

Discretion being the better part of valor, Rocker wiggled his fingers before pulling his hand back and twisting around to check out the blonde bombshell still gyrating on the dance floor. “Damn, if you’re not going to sample what she’s offering, I’m gonna get in there.”

Lifting his beer bottle in a mock salute, Leo nodded. “Go for it.”

The words had barely left his mouth before Rocker bolted from his stool and headed straight toward her.

Nat speared Leo with an intense gaze, both brows lifted. “Seriously, Leo? You let an easy lay like that slip through your fingers? Hell, her IQ might’ve even been higher than her boob measurements.”