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Hello, Valentine - Holiday Love

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ChaShiree M

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My name is May, and I am an Andrew-a-holic.
I have been in love with him since i knew what it meant. There is just one problem…he is my stepbrother. I know I shouldn’t want him, need him, crave him…but I do and I don’t see it going away. I just wish I knew if he felt the same for me. How long can I wait to find out if the love of my life loves me back? And can we ignore the disapproval of those closest to us?

She is my air, sunshine and heart. She is my Valentine. She just also happens to be my stepsister. I know the stigma behind a love like ours and I should care, but I don’t. I have been waiting for this moment my entire life and I will be damned if someone keeps us apart. May is mine and I will defy all to prove it to her.

This is NOT a stepbrother romance. It’s a romance with stepsiblings. You asked for May and Andrew from Thank You, Christmas! and I have delivered. Enjoy their sweet, love story. I did.
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ChaShiree M



Ugh. Why can’t I do this? Why is it so hard to just turn in the damn acceptance letter and move on? I mean, I have waited for the past six months for things to change, and nothing has. So what am I waiting for? This is what my brain turns over all day. See, I have been accepted to my first choice University, and I still haven’t said yes. Why, you ask? Simple. I am in love with my stepbrother Andrew, and I can’t fathom being that far away from him. I would miss his beautiful warm, sexy smile. I would miss the way he says my name when he is teasing me. Well, when he speaks to me. I would simply miss him. Nine years ago, when my mom married his dad, he was sixteen, and I was ten. He walked into the house for the first time, and he was larger than life. I remember looking up at him in awe. He was tall and already muscular for a teenager. But more than that, when he smiled at me and introduced himself, I remember immediately feeling safe. Of course, back then, it was a little sister type of safe, though our parents weren’t yet married, but nonetheless.

From that moment on, any chance I got, I followed him around, and he let me. He never complained and never pushed me away. He even began driving my sister and me to school and picking us up. As I got older, my feelings began to change, but so did our relationship. Not only did he start pushing me away, but our parents began making a big deal of the time we spent together. Then, he left and went to college, and I was left with this big hole in my heart. He came home less and less, and when he did, he all but ignored me. Now here I am, in my bedroom, pacing, undecided about my future because I am holding out on the hope that Andrew will finally see me as something more than his stepsister. I have already put it off for a year, convincing my parents I wasn’t ready to leave home yet. To make my reason more real, I enrolled in community college, and I can’t say I regret it. It has been great. But now, I am at a crossroads. My parents seem to be anxious for me to go away to school to ‘experience’ life out of the bubble, and I am trying to hang on to the flimsy life raft of hope, that is losing air as we speak.

Now, I have noticed lately since he has moved back to town, that his gazes have lingered, and the few times we have hugged in greeting, I swear he sniffed me and groaned before removing me from his embrace quickly and walking away. The first time I thought it was just me projecting my wants. However, when it happened a second time, I knew he felt something too. I found myself getting happy and excited, my heart believing he would put us both out of misery when I graduated. I made plans in my head—checklists for things I wanted to experience, you know, the usual fairytale stuff. But now, here I am, unsure of my future. “May. May honey, can you come downstairs?” crap. My mom.

“Coming.” Reluctantly I get up and walk downstairs, knowing whatever she wants, I am not going to want to do. “What’s up, mom?” I round the corner to the kitchen and note how frantic she is. Immediately I feel my stomach begin to tighten. Something is either wrong with my older sister or with Andrew. I know it isn’t my stepfather since I can hear him in the other room on the phone.

“Oh. Your brother has been hurt at work. He is in the hospital.” Oh, God. My entire body depletes as I try to weave through the barrage of emotions. He has to be ok. He has to.

“Is he ok?” I ask, fighting to keep the emotions from squeaking out. Lately, I believe our parents have begun to get suspicious about my real reason for staying home, and I am not ready to deal with that.

“I don’t know. Gerald is on the phone with Aiden now.” Please let him be ok. As part of a construction crew, he lifts a lot of heavy things and climbs on high beams. He is always in jeopardy of being hurt. Oh crap. Don’t cry, May. Don’t cry. I chant to myself quietly. My foot is lightly tapping under the counter as I wait for Gerald to come back into the room. Everything in me is hyper-aware right now. That’s what his name, in general, does to me. It lights me up not only in my heart, but all over my body.