Guarded (MetroGen Downtown Kiss and Tell #2) Read Online Carina Alyce

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She has information he needs, and he’ll go to any lengths to get it.

Dr. Lillian Hernandez had a cruddy day at work in the MetroGen Pediatric clinic. Never the life of the party, she wished just once she could let go and be someone else. A chance encounter at the MetroGen Halloween party with a masked man gave her everything she imaged — in and out of the bedroom.
Officer Sean Murphy thought submitting himself to Lillian was a one-time event to get the info he needed. She’s his every fantasy come to life, but he can never go near hear again or compromise his investigation.
And then they learn she’s caught the attention of a dangerous drug dealer . .



A Lesson in Need

Throckmorton’s Corner


Chapter 1

Judging by the bloodstain on the woman’s neck, she shouldn’t have been able to speak. Equally so, her naturally pale skin would have made the medical examiner cringe.

“Let’s go over this one more time,” she said, her lips bloodless and pale except for the smear of blood trickling down her chin.

“Sorry,” Sean Gene Murphy said to his partner from the Second Precinct. “It’s a little bit odd to see you out of uniform.”

Charlene ‘Charlie’ Layton shrugged, because she looked like death warmed over with her hair spray painted white, doing her best imitation of a vampire corpse.

Technically, a sexy vampire corpse, because there were a lot of boobs showing, also white.

“You should see me on the weekends,” she joked. “I think your outfit is a bit easier.”

“Lucky me, since they threw this together. It’s not often I get called in and told to shave all my body hair off.” Sean had gone full Kojak on his head… and his arms, and his chest, and his balls.

Acting as his new case officer, she snorted, “Otherwise you’d be pretty distinctive, and you might be getting pretty close to the target. Now you’ll blend better.”

That was true. They blended perfectly well into the crowd eating bagels at Panera. The annual MetroGen Hospital Halloween party was starting shortly at Throckmorton’s Corner two blocks away. According to Charlie, the party was secret-doctor password exclusive and had a reputation for free-flowing drinks and free loving.

“I’ll be fine for a night.” Sean adjusted his mask.

“Let’s review one more time. We’re going to leave here, pass Firehouse 15, and get to Throckies. I’ll vouch for you and set up checking ID’s and taking photos up front.”

Unlike Sean, Charlie was going as herself, the local police sergeant responsible for the other police assigned to the event. Her officers wouldn’t know who Sean was, though.

“Then when you locate the target, you’ll communicate with me in person or via text. I am to stay near the east jungle juice station,” Sean confirmed.

“Once you acquire the target, you are to use any means necessary to get her cooperation and confidence.”

“Yes, I will attempt to form a personal connection to elicit emotional intimacy.” Sean recited his orders in a monotone. He’d been authorized to go as far as he had to, including physical contact, to get the crucial information.

“I know you’ve been with the narcotic division for a year and took your undercover training,” Charlie said, “but for the love of God, don’t put your dick in her.”

“I know,” he said, annoyed that she needed to remind him. Part of the reason they’d chosen him was because he was single and he had a unique, particular set of skills which set him apart from the rest of his squad and made him suited for this.

“Emotional intimacy cuts both ways. This is only for the night, and you can probably get what you want in other ways.”

“You don’t have to worry. I’m not interested in anything emotional,” Sean reassured her. His brother had been shredded last year by his ex, and Sean had no interest in imitation.

“Remember to ask her questions about herself. Listen to the answers, don’t volunteer information about yourself.”

“And if she does, make it about her. If she mentions an interest, provide an interest adjacent to hers and inquire more about her interest,” Sean recited.

“Thank God you listened when I taught my class,” Charlie said. She’d been a guest in the undercover class about the art of seduction of men and women, since Charlie was unabashedly willing to play for both teams. Charlie had worked undercover on the vice squad and the white-collar unit when then needed someone of her talents. “It’s redundant, but they sprang this on us with less than six hours to plan, and you’ll be on your own for most of it.”

Sean tapped on the photocopy of the target. “Yes, once I locate her, I’ll convince her to leave with me.”

“Once you leave Throckies, it’s up to you. Her place is probably your best option, even though we don’t have the man or woman power tonight to shadow you.” Police resources would be stretched thin over Halloween. They’d already heard the fire trucks from Firehouse 15 next door leave twice during the hour they’d been sitting here.