Coach’s Fumble (Gridiron Love #0) Read Online Katharine O’Neill

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How am I supposed to do my internship when he won’t leave me alone?
Chrissie’s first job as an intern for the New England Patriots was meant to be a dream job. But she spends most of her time trying to get away from the star quarterback. Drake has made her a target of his seduction, and Chrissie isn’t interested. An encounter with a man she has a crush on feels like a relief when Drake won’t stop pestering her, but now she has to deal with the chemistry between the two of them that is close to exploding.

She’s a member of staff, my best friend’s daughter. She should be off-limits.
Coach Forrest got Chrissie the job where he works, and now he’s beginning to regret it. Her curves and her smile are a distraction, and Forrest worries when he realizes Drake has a fancy for her. After rescuing her one night, Forrest knows he’s playing with fire, especially when he gets Chrissie in his arms for the first time. He has to have her, even though he shouldn’t. It’s not just his friendship that he could lose if it gets out that he had the gorgeous intern in his bed, but Forrest is getting to the point where he just doesn’t care anymore…


Chapter One

Chrissie took one last look at herself in the mirror. Not too bad. Red always looked good on her, and the dress she had picked out for tonight was just stunning. Chrissie was pleased that her friends had urged her to buy it a while back.

They were right. It would make her feel confident. Although Chrissie would ignore the fact Rita and the others were talking about it being the reason she ended up with a guy. That was not happening.

She really needed to get them to stop trying to find a guy for her whenever they went out. Chrissie was fine as she was. Things were great, and she had a great job straight out of university. She had no time to think about looking for a relationship, especially after dealing with her last boyfriend. The guy didn’t know what the word ‘no’ actually meant, and when he tried to take it too far, Chrissie knew they were done. She wasn’t about to be with someone who didn’t listen to her.

A year may have passed, but her values hadn’t. Just because she was getting a little older didn’t mean she was going to change her way of thinking. Rita might call her mad, but Chrissie didn’t care. If she went out, she was going to have fun. And that could be done without alcohol or men fawning over her.

Also, she didn’t have to avoid any awkward questions from her father. Jared Frost liked to know everything about what his daughter was up to, which was really annoying. He tried to stop, but old habits die hard. Chrissie was glad she didn’t have a guy around; she didn’t think anyone her age would cope with the intense interrogation they would get from her dad.

Her phone bleeped on the desk. A quick look told her that Rita was on her way to the house. They would be heading back to her house, and then they would be walking into town from there. Chrissie was looking forward to this night out; the football pre-season was always intense, and things were going to pick up soon. This would probably be the last time she went out for a while until things calmed down.

Working for a football was amazing, but it did have its drawbacks.

Chrissie headed downstairs and started looking around for her shoes. Where were they? Surely, she had left them in the cupboard where all of the shoes and coats were kept? Or had she had a brain-fart and left them in her room?

“What you looking for?”

Chrissie looked around to see her dad coming out of the kitchen, wiping his hands on a towel.

“My stiletto boots. I thought they were in the closet.”

“They should be. I can’t think where they would be, otherwise.” Jared arched an eyebrow. “Maybe if you turned the light on, you’d be able to find them?”

Chrissie stuck her tongue out at him, but she turned on the light. And she saw her boots leaning against the wall at the back. Snagging them up, she went to the stairs.

“How long are you going to be out?” Jared asked.

“I don’t know. Depends on how everything goes.” Chrissie stuck her feet into the boots. “You know Rita lives close to the center of town, so it’ll be simple enough to go back to hers and crash.”

“And you’ve got your mace, haven’t you?”

“I have.” Chrissie sighed. “Dad, could you take it easy? I can take care of myself, and I’m not an idiot. You don’t have to worry about me all the time.”