Caring for Lucy (Heroes of Lone Star #3) Read Online Elizabella Baker

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Lucy’s family thought she married the perfect man: prestigious doctor, loved by all. Yet, no one really knew what happened behind closed doors. After finding the courage to leave, Lucy’s determined to find herself once again. Suddenly in need of a new place to live, she finds herself roommates with the new hunky paramedic. Will she have the courage to open herself up to someone she barely knows? Or will the choice be taken away from her when the man she’s determined to divorce would rather see her dead than with someone else.
Derek Murphy always knew he wanted to see the world, and joining the military after high school was his ticket to that endless adventure. That is, until witnessing a tragedy showed him that he wanted more in life. Determined to help others, Derek finds himself with the chance to prove his worth by protecting the woman he’s lusted over for years. The moment she agrees to move into his spare room, he vows to care for her and keep her safe.
Will Derek be able to save Lucy from her narcissistic ex, or will he be forced to live with another failure?


Chapter 1

Lucy looked down at her dusty-rose-colored scrubs, smoothing her hands down the top and over the pants. There wasn’t a wrinkle to be seen, but that didn’t stop her from trying to smooth them out again and again. Today was a big day for her; Matthew was being served the divorce papers. She knew there was no way he would take it like a good sport. As much as she wanted to stay in bed and hide under the covers, that wasn’t an option. Her parents didn’t raise her that way. Besides, she loved her job. Being an ER nurse was her dream. Some hated the chaos, but she thrived on it. No two days were ever the same. The only downside was when her soon-to-be ex-husband was on rotation at the same hospital. Not today, obviously; she was sure to triple-check that when her lawyer told her what date the papers would be served. But she remembered the first time she had learned they would be working together more.

“I’ve got good news,” Matthew announced as he breezed into the kitchen of their tiny apartment. They were saving up for a house. A family home, as he liked to call it.

“Oh, yeah?” she said, beaming at her husband. She still couldn’t believe she got to call him that. They had only gotten married six months ago, but there were still times she thought it was all just a dream. This sexy man really wanted her. A plain Jane compared to all the other women who threw themselves at him on a daily basis, especially when they learned he was going to be a doctor.

They had started dating her sophomore year in college. Matthew had been in the second year of his residency. At eight years her senior, she still couldn’t understand what he saw in her. But he had been insistent that she was everything he ever wanted in a wife. The perfect mother to his future children.

“I got the job!” he told her excitedly, a huge smile spreading across his face.

She put down the knife she was using to chop up the vegetables and leaped into his awaiting arms. When he had told her that, after only a year as a doctor, he was applying for one of the rotating administrative doctor positions, she had thought it was a long shot. Sure, his father was on the board, but she still thought he wouldn’t be eligible for years. So to hear he got it was surprising. She told him as much.

“That’s amazing, Matthew. I’m so proud of you!” She kissed him long and hard.

He pulled his lips away, an even bigger smile on his face than before. “You know what that means, right? We can finally look more at those houses we’ve been discussing and start that family we’ve always talked about.” He placed his hand on her stomach.

She felt it drop beneath his hand. She didn’t want to have that particular discussion again and possibly ruin the happy moment. She wanted kids with him, but she wasn’t in a hurry. She had only graduated a year ago, and while she was lucky to get an amazing job in the same hospital network as her husband, she had only been working as a nurse for a year. She didn’t want to take time off to have a baby this early in her career.

Lucy pulled herself back to the present. She wished she would have realized at the time that it was the start of their downfall. At the beginning of their marriage, she had thought it was wonderful when he had taken on an administrative role. They could work together without actually working together too often since he rotated between several hospitals within their network.