Campus Queen (Curvy College Reunion #2) Read Online Hallie Bennett

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Avoid heartbreak at all costs.
Kenzie Beechman prefers being in charge. Life’s taught her that she’s the only one she can count on and risking herself again is out of the question. When her ex-boyfriend arrives at their ten-year college reunion happily married to someone else, it’s a stark reminder of how little control she’s had over her love life. Could a former classmate’s offer of a guilt-free fling be just the distraction she needs?
Until a man from her past offers to distract her for the weekend in more pleasurable ways…
Joel Beecham was a slacker and part-time class clown. Partnered with Kenzie on multiple school projects, he never pulled his weight. But a decade of life changes a man and Joel’s ready to apologize for his mistakes and make amends…in bed. He proposes a homecoming affair with one caveat—Kenzie must submit to him in the bedroom.
With only a few days together, can casual fun turn into a forever kind of love?




“Last project before graduation. Get excited!” I plop down beside Kenzie in the library, tossing my backpack onto the table. For four years, we’ve been paired together for everything from science experiments to history presentations because of our last names—Beecham and Beechman—and this is our final assignment. The professors must find it amusing to stick Type-A Kenzie with me, a total slacker and class clown, because it’s the only explanation for why we’ve been stuck together for so long, despite the obvious mismatch.

“Are you actually going to contribute this time?” Kenzie’s snarky reply rolls right off me, and I shrug nonchalantly.

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

She rolls her eyes with a huff and makes a show of shoving my backpack off the table while snagging the textbook underneath it. The lightweight mesh material thumps to the carpet with barely a sound—its nearly empty contents a testament to my lack of preparedness.

“Your presence isn’t as useful as you think it is, unless you actually apply yourself to the work.” A worksheet slides across the wooden tabletop. “Here, this should be easy enough for you.”

Other people might find Kenzie’s snide attitude insulting, but it doesn’t bother me. I hate studying and schoolwork. Kenzie loves that shit. So, if she’s upset that I don’t pull my weight when we’re partnered together, I figure it’s her right. After all, she’s still getting me a good grade.

“Yes, your majesty.” I wink and tug the question-filled sheet closer. It’s no secret that Kenzie rules a certain part of campus like a royal queen. She even has a king by her side to do her bidding, I muse, thinking about how her and Kyle direct campus events like a power couple straight out of the corporate world.

They need to fucking loosen up.

Especially Kenzie.

In all the time I’ve known her, she’s never been anything but perfect and in control. Perfect grades. Perfect behavior. Except when it comes to me. Whenever we’re near, she can’t resist dropping her guard to voice her perpetual frustration with my academic failings, and it’s the only time I see the fiery core she hides behind a sturdy wall of control.

Wonder how deep it goes…

The familiar scent of vanilla tickles my nose, and I peek over at Kenzie’s bent head studiously scribbling across her worksheet with neat penmanship. Is she fucking that Kyle guy? Does she show him her passionate side?

No way.

Because despite lush curves that promise comfort, her entire body is rigid and stiff with tension. I can’t imagine she lets loose with him, or else Kenzie should be way more relaxed than she is.

“Do you need help with something?”


She caught me staring at her… again.

“Nah, I’m good. Just thinking.” Kenzie snorts at the obvious lie but continues with her work, while I drag my focus away to one of the library windows looking over a pond at the edge of campus. My fascination for Kenzie has grown this year, and I don’t know why. She hasn’t changed—still a curvy little bundle of uptight rules. Yet, every now and then, I can’t help watching her, intent on figuring her out.

A stupid endeavor.

After graduation, we’ll go our separate ways and probably never see each other again.

What’s it matter if I can’t figure out one woman?




“Kenzie, you’re meeting with tour leaders tomorrow morning, right?” Ms. Anderson hands over a manila folder as I set aside the misshapen centerpiece I’m fixing for tonight’s cocktail party—the kick-off event for my class reunion during Homecoming Weekend. Ten years removed from attending Trinity College, and I still fall into my old role of leadership without a hitch: perfecting small details, organizing volunteers.

Guess being class president three years in a row sticks with you.

“Yep.” I flip through the folder, seeing a list of group leaders along with a campus map highlighting suggested information to share. “All the volunteers are confirmed, so tours should run smoothly.”