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Bossing the Cowboy (Circle B Ranch #4)

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Kennedy Fox

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After surviving a messy divorce and custody battle, Dr. Connor Wallen quickly became married to his job. Helping animals is the perfect distraction from his crazy ex, but he finds it difficult to concentrate when an attractive woman joins his veterinary clinic. Getting involved with someone who works for him would only lead to disaster, so staying professional is key.
He tries to ignore her, but their chemistry is undeniable.
Elizabeth Bishop can’t stand her boss or how he treats her, but there aren’t many job options in small-town Texas. No matter what she does, it’s never good enough for Connor, but she continues trying to impress him anyway.
She’ll never admit she’s attracted to him and denies it every chance she gets.
Avoiding him is impossible, but Elle keeps her distance whenever possible. After his walls start to crumble, she knows her feelings aren’t one-sided. She’s tired of playing his games and is ready to prove who’s really in control.
Although he pushes her away, she’s determined to pull him closer—showing him exactly what they’ve both been missing.

**Bossing the Cowboy is a complete stand-alone and can be read without reading any of the other books or spin-off series, but if you prefer to read in order, start with Hitching the Cowboy as the characters and families do interconnect.**
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Circle B Ranch Series by Kennedy Fox

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Kennedy Fox



“Vivian!” I snap, losing patience with my soon-to-be ex-wife. Though we’re legally separated, and the divorce papers have been filed, it’s not finalized yet. The biggest issue I’m facing is getting shared custody of our three-year-old. “I want to see my daughter!”

“You’re free to come here anytime, Connor. But I’m not going back to Texas.”

I blow out a frustrated breath, infuriated by how difficult she’s been. A month ago while I was working, she packed up their things and moved to Lovington where her parents live. We’ve argued a countless number of times about me seeing Olivia since she left.

“Unacceptable! You took Olivia to New Mexico without my permission. That’s not what we agreed on.” I pace my office, trying to keep my voice low but fail because I’m too fired up.

“You didn’t care to see us when we were there, so why’s it an issue now?” Her taunting voice enrages me.

“I was fucking working, not having an affair! Providing so you could stay home with Olivia. I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into the veterinarian clinic so I could give you both a nice lifestyle.” The bitterness in my tone is evident, but Vivian doesn’t care. She’s a selfish, spoiled, and unappreciative person. Now, she’s holding my daughter over my head. It’s a low blow, even for her.

“And by the time you came home, Olivia was already in bed. Not to mention how lonely I was and how you were too tired to care. You took us both for granted, and now it’s too late.”

It takes everything in me not to comment about the empty bottles of wine I found in the trash daily. Or the men’s clothing in my closet that wasn’t mine. As much as it pains me, I know that playing Vivian’s stupid games is the only way I’ll get to see my daughter again. At least until I can take her to court to fight for a custody agreement.

“What did you want me to do, Vivian? Opening the clinic was my dream, and at one time, it was yours too. You knew it would take a lot of work to get it up and running.”

After I finished my residency in San Antonio, we moved back to the small town I grew up in so I could be close to my parents. The previous vet had just retired, and it was the perfect opportunity to start my own. I opened Wallen’s Animal Clinic three years ago, shortly before Olivia was born. Having a baby at the same time wasn’t intentional, but Vivian got pregnant unexpectedly. We were happy to grow our family, but one of my biggest mistakes was not finding a work-life balance.

“Yeah, and it quickly became your mistress. Hope you’re happy together.”

Groaning, I roll my eyes at her dramatics. Nothing I did was ever good enough for her.

“Please,” I finally beg. “You’ve gotta meet me halfway, Vivian. I miss my daughter.”

“Bring it up in court then. I’m not moving back there, and Olivia likes having my parents around,” she states curtly. “She’s starting preschool in the fall. She deserves some kind of normalcy.”

Before I can argue that her life was fine in Eldorado, my assistant, Beverly, knocks, then slowly opens the door. “The girl for the internship interview is in the waiting room.”

Fuck. I’m in no mood for this right now.

“Give me five.”

With a nod, Beverly steps out.

“Fine, you’re leaving me no choice then. I’ll have the papers drawn up and will see you in court,” I tell her. “Until then, I want to FaceTime Olivia every night.”

“You sure you can commit to every night?” She barks out a laugh, causing me to seethe. Instead of going off about how much I despise her, I end the call. I won’t give her the pleasure of knowing she got under my skin.

As soon as this pointless interview is over, I’m calling my lawyer and having him start on this.

I take a few moments to calm down before cracking open my door and telling Beverly to send her in. I’m not actually looking for an intern, but Rose Bishop convinced me to interview her fresh out of college granddaughter. When I opened, Rose was my first client, and she’s very persuasive. Considering the Circle B Ranch gives me a lot of business, and she’s helped me grow my customer base by word of mouth, I feel like I owe it to her.

I’m still so worked up, I don’t even hear her walk into my office. It’s not until she’s standing in front of my desk that I realize how big of a mistake this was.

Jesus Christ.

Sparkling green eyes behind black-rimmed glasses gaze at me, and her perfect ruby-red-lipped smile nearly takes my breath away. I can’t remember the last time I saw Elizabeth Bishop. It’s been years.