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We want Valerie our little viper forever if she’ll have all three of us. She doesn’t belong in our dark mafia world but my brother, my best friend and I are obsessed with sassy Dr. Sexy. We’re addicted to the little viper we’ve turned her into and we’ll do anything to keep her safe and close to the three of us. We don’t want this life, but our father wants one of us to take over the family business and we can’t all have her or we’ll embarrass the family, but she’s all the three of us can think of, it’s gone too far, we can’t choose.



I glance from around the corner, scouring the campus full of students. I know class just let out. I made sure to time this perfectly. I made sure I blend in. Sunglasses, a shirt that promises that I’d rather be stoned, jeans, and an oversized hoodie despite the fact it’s August.

Some people nod to me, but for the most part, I blend in.

I narrow my eyes when I see a flash of dark hair next to another girl. My target waves then goes down a separate section of campus. An older section, with plenty of hiding places. Of course, that’s the point. Covert operations always require at least one option, if not multiple.

So I follow casually, leaving a slowly closing space between us. When she looks over her shoulder, I turn and pretend I’m talking to a group. The back of my neck pricks, but the hairs lie down again and I resume the chase.

I catch her arm, just as she turns, a taser in her hand. I push her into an alcove and block us in with my body. “Dorogaya.”

She lets the taser go and pulls me closer by the shirt as I push my sunglasses up. “Is this your ‘normal boy’ look?”


“You’re lucky you’re not going gray. You’d stand out like a sore thumb.” She teases. “What’s an old man like you doing on a college campus without teaching?”

“Hunting down my girlfriend.” I chuckle.

Valerie smirks, glances around me, then tugs me deeper into the alcove, forgetting all about her taser. “You better be careful. If your dad finds out you’re here.”

“He’s too busy playing with Vanya after all their time apart.”

“Eew.” Her nose wrinkles.

“Ah, so 40’ish is your age limit?” I tease.

She rolls her eyes. “Maybe I should lower it. You’re right. I bet I could catch a more age-appropriate date if I just flash a little more cleavage. Or if I go back to blonde.”

“Don’t you dare. Men in their thirties are not ready for a gorgeous woman like you.” I wrap my arms around her and kiss some sense into her.

Valerie melts against me and kisses me back eagerly. Our tongues tangle and tease and I’m kicking myself for not waiting until her evening class so we could possibly get away with having sex right here.

With Chase taking over the Russian mafia in D.C., Lief, my brother, and I have been far too busy. I haven’t nearly had my fill of Valerie. Especially since I was cleared for sex again after being all kinds of damaged from the last run-in we should ever have with the Italian mob.

My cock starts to harden as Valerie rubs herself on me, her body rolling against mine. We fit together so perfectly, it’s a crime that I’m not lifting her skirt right now and sliding into her.

“Easy,” Valerie pants as I continue a trail of kisses down her neck.

“It’s been too long since I’ve been inside you,” I growl.

“Hunt, I have class.” Still, her nails tighten in my shirt as I nibble the sensitive skin at the base of her neck. “Aren’t you supposed to be the mature adult?”

“I will be. Tomorrow.” I promise with my fingers crossed against her back.

She laughs. “Krolik, be good. I’ll see you when we get home.”

“But then you have that pesky homework and tomorrow you’re at the office counseling people.”

“You’re welcome to come by. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you in a professional setting.”

“Oh yes, so I can spend the whole time fantasizing about bending you over your desk and showing you how I’d rather spend fifty minutes with you.”

She rubs over my chest. “I’m serious. Even with your dad taking a back seat, your mom is back in your life, you just helped throw your aunt in prison, and the whole family barely avoided police involvement.”

“Who knew Lief’s connections went so far,” I grumble.

He hadn’t told us about the extent of people he knew. In the F.B.I. In MI6, even in other gangs and mafias. He’s nearly more connected than the internet. Valerie kisses my cheek. “I promise to get everything done by dinner, and if I don’t ... I guess you’ll have to punish me.”