A Second Chance for the Cowboy (Walker Ranch #2) Read Online Tess Thornton

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She’s always put her dreams on hold.
His only dream is her.
Kelli Mason never had anything handed to her. Years ago, she had to give up her beloved barrel racing horse, as well as any hope of turning handsome Marshall Walker’s head. Now she’s got a second chance to relive her teenage dreams, but there’s one cowboy standing in her way.
Marshall Walker has had his eye on Kelli Mason since high school. There are only two problems. They have nothing in common, and they fight like cats and dogs. And now, the girl of his dreams may have taken things too far by buying a horse he considers dangerous.
When Kelli realizes she may be in over her head, she has two choices. Give up, or turn to the one cowboy who can help her: Marshall Walker. And she doesn’t know how to give up. Will they find their way to love at last, or will they strangle each other first?


Chapter 1


“You don’t think I need the bowtie?” Cody asked. He turned halfway in the mirror, checking his appearance from a different angle and frowning.

“Nope,” I said. “We already know Morgan’s not marrying you for your looks.”

He scowled and pounded me in the shoulder—not too hard, but hard enough. “I’m serious. You’re my best man. You’re supposed to steer me right. It’s my wedding, so shouldn’t I wear the tie that came with the jacket instead of a regular necktie?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Last time I saw you in a monkey suit like that was Mom’s funeral, and we all looked awful.”

“Don’t remind me.” He straightened his shoulders and twisted his neck, then cocked his eye at his reflection again. He adjusted the neck tie, tightening it and loosening it a couple of times before he quit and frowned at himself. Then he shook his head. “This looks terrible. I’m wearing the bowtie.”

“Suit yourself. You’ll look like a penguin, but go ahead.”

“Better than looking like a banker who accidentally wandered into a wedding after work. You know what I think? I think Luke put you up to pulling a joke on me.” He clipped the bowtie under his chin and smiled at the mirror. “There. What do you think?”

Luke chose that moment to stick his head in the door. “The minister says it’s almost time. You two ready?”

Cody turned around and spread his arms wide, with a grin big enough to light the whole outdoors. “Ready? I’m just wondering what’s taking so long. Is Morgan here yet?”

“Yeah, they just pulled up and I guess she’s fixing her dress or something.” Luke frowned. “You’re not wearing that tie, are you? You look like a penguin.”

“Told you,” I mumbled.

Cody fired me a look that could have heated a frozen lake. “It’s a little late to change wardrobe now! I’m getting married in like five minutes and nobody’s going to be looking at my tie.”

Luke slanted a brow at me, as if to say, “You’re the best man. Fix this.”

I rummaged through some of the castoff coats and stuff we’d carried in and found one of my dad’s extra bolo ties. It was two sterling silver horse shoes linked together, and it looked a lot more like Cody’s style than that stuffy black silk thing he was wearing. I tossed it at him. “Put that on and go out there and get married.”

The bowtie hit the floor, and a few seconds later, my best friend turned around with my father’s silver glittering at his throat. “Well?”

I nodded. “That’ll do.”

Cody topped his outfit off with a black hat. Then he tugged at the front of his jacket and shuffled his boots a few times, rolling his shoulders and sucking in a few deep breaths like he was getting ready for a fistfight. “Okay. Okay, I’m ready. Let’s do this.”

He walked toward the door, but I stepped in his way and pushed on his chest. “Hold on there. You look like you’re walking into a dungeon. Everything okay? Not getting cold feet or something, are you?”

He closed his eyes and shook out his hands. “No. I want to spend the rest of my life with Morgan. She’s like air to me, the best thing that’s ever come into my life. Guess I’m just a little eager to get started!”

I dusted off his shoulders and acted like I was smoothing down the jacket, even though there was no need. Cody was a little smaller than the rest of us except Dusty, but wiry and tough as all get-out. To be quite honest, I’d never look as good as he did. Didn’t matter whether he was dandied up or wearing grubby coveralls, he was all class. Whether or not I wanted to admit it, I looked like a burly farm hand next to him. But I wasn’t jealous. Not of his looks, anyway.