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Triplet Tease - Triplets

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Stephanie Brother

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Cinderella only has one Prince Charming, but I found three.
Eton didn’t tell me he had brothers.
I didn’t tell him I worked in a lap dancing bar. We all have secrets. Imagine my surprise when I saw him there.
Only later, I discovered it wasn’t striptease that enticed the triplets to the bar. Eton and Harry are identical and roguishly gorgeous. Finn’s different, he’s the smart guy in a suit.
And all three are like the wild men of my fantasies in bed. They are men on a mission. They want to change my life. If we’re going to be together, it will turn the world upside down.
I never thought I’d have a chance like this. But am I ready for it? I’ve just started getting my life in order
As an independent woman making it on my own.
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Stephanie Brother



“There is no way I’m going to strip in front of an audience. No way.” My hands balled into fists as I rested them on my hips. I’m serious about this.

“Really?” Gill dropped eye-contact and stared down at my near-naked body for a few long and quiet seconds.

At least, the pause in our conversation would have been silent if it wasn’t for the pop music in the background — a childlike, high-pitched female voice singing catchy lyrics.

“Yes. Really.” Me, a stripper? Ain’t going to happen. I huffed and resisted the urge to wrap my arms in front of me. Too late to cover up now. I pointed at my exposed stomach. “This is different. I’m getting dressed. I’m in my bedroom. And I’m listening to music.”

“It’s only different because you’re dancing in your underwear and not getting paid for it.”

“You’re my roommate, Gill; you’re not a sweaty, leering stranger. I don’t mind you seeing me in my underwear. Otherwise, I would’ve closed the door. It’s not as if this is indecent.” I wore my everyday bra and panties that didn’t match, but were clean and comfortable and covered everything that needed covering. “Being in my bedroom talking to my best friend is a lot different from gyrating in front of strangers at a strip club.”

Fortunately, the Lime Light club provided my current work uniform of a figure-hugging black tee bearing the venue’s logo and overly short shorts, because not just my underwear but my entire wardrobe needed a makeover. Still, I didn’t have the funds for that luxury.

“You know women get well paid for stripping at the club. You’d start off wearing a sexy little dress and then revealing some pretty lingerie or a bikini.” Gill wiggled her shoulders how she might have done a few years ago when she shook her assets in front of an audience. “You’d have to get some nice clothes to wear. I’m sure the manager at the club can give you an advance for costumes.” She gave a conspiratorial wink.

As well as being my friend and roommate, Gill was also my boss.

She managed the Lime Light bar, where we worked — me as bar staff, her as manager — both of us fully clothed.

A few weeks earlier, she’d called up and offered me the best paying bar job in the entire state when she received a promotion to the position of club manager, which, by coincidence, was the day after I’d told her about my real tight jam.

Aware of my predicament, Gill offered me a job and a room in her house. For once, something went right in my life.

The job offer couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

At the Lime Light, Gill had started as a stripper and worked her way up to the top by taking her clothes off, arguably in more ways than one.

I loved her to bits — she was my BFF, and I didn’t have a problem with her career choices. Her boyfriend choices were more questionable. She deserved much better than a friends-with-benefits relationship with Lee, the slimeball-owner of the Lime Light.

“Dressing up in something pretty sounds nice; that’s not what bothers me, but you missed the part about there being very little of it. Thanks for the job offer, but the answer has to be no. Anyway, no one wants to see all this uncovered.” I unclenched my fists to place my hands on the soft flesh of my tummy. “I’m too fat and too old.”

Gill’s mouth gaped open in mock surprise at my statement, and she shook her head. “You’re curvaceous and beautiful. The men want to see a real, curvy woman just like you. And you aren’t too old, either; that’s ridiculous. I’ve seen dancers ten years older than you.”

I pursed my lips. I needed all the money I could get after my ex ran up horrendous bills and took out loans in my name. He then disappeared, leaving me to face the music. I’d sold our home, and that still wasn’t enough to clear the debt.

While lodging in Gill’s spare room, I could comfortably pay all my bills and a little bit off the debt each month, so I didn’t face bankruptcy. However, I couldn’t envision being in the black for years, and I couldn’t figure out how I would ever move on. I didn’t want to be Gill’s lodger forever.

“You’re attractive. You’re sexy. You’re a superb dancer.” Gill piled on the compliments. She saw me considering the proposition. “You’ve got the personality. You should be stripping to earn big money rather than serving drinks. Just consider it — same old workplace, twenty times as much in your pocket at the end of the night.”

“Twenty times as much money! Do they really make that much?” If it was true, I could clean up, taking home more than I did as a waitress. The money tempted me; how I would spend that? Pay off those debts faster. Get my own place. Make a real fresh start.