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The Rival (Looking to Score #2)

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Kendall Ryan

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Being stranded in remote Canada with a hottie? Wasn’t part of my summer plans.
Dump my cheating ex? Check.
Land an amazing job with Boston’s professional hockey franchise? Check.
Fall stupidly in love with hockey’s favorite bad boy? Ugh.
After wasting years of my life with the wrong person, I told myself all I wanted was a little no-strings fun. Enter Alex Braun—a wealthy, handsome, notorious playboy who’s equal parts charming and dangerous as hell to my wounded heart.
After enduring a very public breakup of his own, the sexy player doesn’t want to be anyone’s forever. Too bad he barreled his way into my heart, instead of just my bed.
But this professional athlete knows a thing or two about competing, and he won’t let go so easily.
This romance contains one grumpy, emotionally damaged, but gorgeous-as-hell hockey player, and a whip-smart, hardworking heroine who’s never quite fit in. It should only be read by those who like their men brawny and their romances red-hot!
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Looking to Score Series by Kendall Ryan

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Kendall Ryan


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* * *


“Morning, Braun. How’s the shoulder?” a friendly security guard named Harris asks when I scan my credentials at the door.

I was called into the office today on what’s supposed to be my day off, so I’m a little grumpy. But none of that is Harris’s fault. I autographed a jersey last season for his little girl. Nice family. I shouldn’t take out my annoyance on him this morning, so I fix a polite smile on my face as I enter.

“Getting better every day. Doctor says with a little rest and stretching this summer, it’ll be good as new.”

“Good deal. Have a great day, Mr. Braun.” He smiles and nods as I pass, making my way into the hockey arena where I’m still a new-ish member of the team.

“You too, Harris.”

On the elevator ride up to the offices, past the suites and conference rooms, my stomach succeeds in tying itself into an intricate knot. The reason for this impromptu meeting wasn’t entirely clear. My agent called this morning saying the Boston Titans’ owner had requested a meeting, that I needed to get dressed and drag myself over to the offices.

I have a few ideas what this meeting could be about, and none of them ease my discomfort with the idea of meeting one-on-one with Eden Wynn herself. Because Eden isn’t just the team owner, she’s also my ex-girlfriend.

Yup, in a weird-as-hell turn of events, my ex is also my boss. Interpret that any way you like.

When I step off the elevator, I’m met with an almost eerie silence. There’s not a soul around. Maybe that’s the way Eden wants it. No witnesses.

Of course, I want to know exactly what I’m walking into, but Eden’s pretty assistant, Aspen Ford, isn’t here today to announce visitors. Her neat desk sits empty with only a lonely stack of papers. Probably because it’s a Sunday, and who the hell in their right mind is here working on a day they’re not supposed to be? Eden, that’s who.

On one hand, I’m glad Aspen isn’t here to distract me. But on the other, I’m oddly disappointed not to see the perky assistant treat me to a shy smile or bite the pad of her thumb while she concentrates on her laptop. Or do a dozen other distracting little things that a normal person probably wouldn’t even notice.

I let out a long breath and pause for a second.

The frosted glass door to Eden’s office is open, but I knock all the same. I’m as edgy as a naughty student who’s been summoned to the principal’s office.

Eden looks up from her laptop. “Morning. Come on in.”

“Morning,” I grumble, entering the office. I stop in front of the desk, and she motions for me to take the seat across from her.

Unease settles over me as I sink into the dark leather club chair. Eden is as poised as ever, her clever eyes not missing my discomfort.

The truth is, I don’t like facing off with Eden like this, and no, it’s not because I still have feelings for her. It’s because seeing her reminds me of what a young, stupid kid I was when we were together. Of all the mistakes I made.

After we broke up, it took me a minute to find my groove. And by that, I mean I had a mid-season breakdown and disappeared for six days. Turns out, watching your ex become your boss and fall in love with her new security guard can mess with a guy’s head.

But I like to think I’ve made my way back from the brink. I’m back to playing good hockey again. Not great, but that’s what next season is for. I’m primed and ready for a big comeback. First, I just need to deal with whatever it is that this is.

Eden studies me for a moment, and I wait for her to speak. I know she won’t bring up our past; she’s nothing if not a consummate professional. And I’m a fucking vault. No way am I navigating that minefield, especially not today.

“So . . .” I lean back, crossing my arms over my chest. “What’s on your mind today, boss?”

She flinches at my cavalier tone before quickly coaxing her expression into a more indifferent one. Her spine straightens and she leans forward, placing her elbows on the desk in front of her. “I want to talk with you about this upcoming season.”

I nod. “Figured as much.”

The off-season has just begun. I need to get through the next seventy-two hours, and then I’ll be heading north to the quiet solitude of Canada for some rest and relaxation at my buddy Saint’s fishing cabin.