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Can love be picture-perfect?

Rachel Price has a near-perfect life: she’s an avid reader working in a bookstore which is located across from her favorite chocolate shop and runs a lively book club. The only things missing are a man to rival her many book boyfriends and the courage to pursue her dream of being a published author.
Tom Haynes loves his career as a photographer for surfing competitions. He gets to travel the world, eat delicious local cuisine, visit gorgeous beaches, and hang out with his best friend. Everything’s perfect…if you don’t count the accident that destroyed his own surfing career and cost him his fiancée. Even if he wanted to risk loving again, his nomadic life doesn’t exactly lend itself to relationships.
It’s hard to deny their chemistry, but if they want to commit to seeing if things can work, Rachel must confront the fears keeping her from her dreams while Tom decides if he’s strong enough to take another chance at love.





I LET OUT a long breath while my eyes ping around the store in search of somewhere to channel all this energy pulsing through my body. Usually the sight of row upon row of dark wooden shelves filled with books has a calming effect on me. No such luck today. My foot taps out a frantic beat from my place behind the checkout counter. It must be louder than I realize because my co-worker, Brett, gives me a death glare. I shoot him an apologetic smile and grasp my thigh with both hands until my foot stills. My hundredth glance at the clock lets me know I’ve still got another forty minutes of work. I groan. My fingers drum against my leg while I will the clock hands to turn faster.

The thud of books on wood draws my eye to the customer in front of me. I smile and make small talk while ringing up the purchases, glad for the momentary distraction. Finally, the anticipated hour arrives. I rush to the employee lounge, more than ready to grab my things and make a hasty exit. Thayer and I have a date tonight.

I’m meeting him at The Crustacean, the swankiest seafood restaurant in Asheville. The pricy menu means it’s usually reserved for big celebrations, so I’m anxious to find out what’s worth the cost. My mind whirs with possibilities. Maybe he finished his manuscript early and wants to take a tropical vacation. I wouldn’t mind a little beach time with my guy. My heart stumbles when my brain raises another idea. Is he going to propose? I mean, we’ve been together for a year and we’re not getting any younger. I’m twenty-seven, which isn’t old, but he’s almost thirty-five. Maybe he’s ready to take the next step in life. Settle down, have a few kids.

Am I ready for that? Do I love him? I definitely care deeply for him, but neither of us has said those three big words. Maybe that’s what tonight’s about—a declaration of love. Yeah, that seems more probable than a proposal. Though if things keep progressing like they have been, I could see that in our future.

I retrieve my purse from my locker, shut the door, turn, and startle at the face staring at me. I clutch my chest before scowling and swatting the shoulder of the person in front of me. “Brett! Don’t do that!”

He laughs. “It never gets old.”

I take deep breaths to steady my pulse. “You are the worst.”

Brett grins wider. “You know you love me, Rachel.”

I narrow my eyes even further, but then Brett tilts his head and flutters his lashes at me and I break, my frown lifting into a reluctant smile. “You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Sorry about that. Where are you rushing off to?”

“I’m meeting Thayer at The Crustacean.”

Brett whistles. “Fancy. What are you celebrating?”

I shrug. “I’m not sure yet. I’ll let you know tomorrow.”

Out in my car, I immediately crank up the air conditioner. It feels like a sauna in here after sitting all day in the blistering sun. I glance in the rear-view mirror to make sure I don’t have any errant makeup after my long day at Page Turner Books. I love working there, but you’d be surprised how sweaty you can get lugging books around the shop and setting up displays. Or fidgeting like you’ve consumed half a dozen energy drinks. I grab my emergency deodorant from the center console and reapply. I add a spritz of perfume just in case. I want to put my best foot forward for whatever’s happening tonight. Satisfied, I retrieve my phone to pull up directions to the restaurant. I have a text from Thayer which has me smiling before I even open it. My joy is short lived.

Thayer: I have to cancel tonight. Sorry.

I don’t have any missed calls from him so it’s probably not an emergency. A sense of dread still pools in my stomach. I press the phone icon on the screen to call him. I run through the possible scenarios. Something happened with his mom. Something happened to Shep, his lovable Labrador. My heart twists at that thought. That dog’s definitely wormed his way into my heart. Though, he didn’t have to try hard. I’m a pushover for all animals. Perhaps there’s a work emergency, though what kind of emergency would there be during summer on a college campus? My mind immediately jumps to a shooting.