Stolen by the Mob (Miami Mafia #3) Read Online Mallory Crowe

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I’m on the verge of expanding my criminal empire to heights my family has only dreamed of. If watching out for the little sister of the Borya’s latest girl is what it takes, then sign me up for babysitting duty.
Except this is no baby girl. Layla Banks is full-grown in all the right places, smart as a whip when it comes to computers and absolutely livid when I take her away from her house which apparently she hasn’t left in years.
She might be a too smart for her own good, emotionally unstable knockout, but now she’s dealing with me.
I’m a thief. I’m a killer. I’m carrying a minimum of 5 deadly weapons. I stole Layla as a favor. But I’m keeping her for me.


Chapter 1

I twisted the cigarette butt on the wall before allowing it to fall to the floor.

"Aren't you going to pick that up?" snapped Charlotte as she yanked her clothes on hastily. Her entire place was a wreck, so why she was pissed about one cigarette butt was beyond me.

After pulling on my suit jacket and tugging at the cuffs to ensure they sat correctly, I turned to face the woman I was oh so close to sticking my cock into just minutes earlier before we were interrupted by a phone call.

A very fucking interesting phone call. And now that I had to deal with this shit, I had zero tolerance for Charlotte's attitude. I strode over to the bed and looked down over her as she struggled to straighten her nightgown that was so tiny, she might as well be naked.

"Look into my eyes and tell me to clean up my shit one more time."

She averted her gaze and wisely didn't say anything more. Her apartment might be barely more than a closet, but she would be out on the streets if it weren't for the job she had at one of my clubs.

Maybe if she asked nicely, I would've picked it up, but not with that fucking attitude. Who was I kidding? Even if she asked nice, I would've made her do it. I just wouldn't have been as much of a dick about it.

Apparently, part of me felt bad because I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a few hundred dollars and tossed it onto her nightstand. "Why don't you call Marcy and have her clean the place up?"

"You're telling me I have to get a maid now?"

Technically I was giving her money to pay for a maid, which made it a gift in my book.

Shaking my head, I made a mental note never to get my dick wet with Charlotte again. It didn't matter how big her tits were, no pussy was worth this much of a headache.

Without sparing her another word, I left her shithole apartment and took the stairs two at a time to get out of there as quick as possible.

The place reeked of poverty and memories I didn't care to revisit. I know she made more than enough money at the club, and she was way too selfish to be supporting a family. So where was her money going?

Maybe I should've fucked her just to look for track marks.

I didn't mind what the girls did in their spare time as long as it didn't affect their job. Most guys who hired dancers couldn’t give a fuck what the girls were on while they were on stage and slinging drinks.

Fuck that. If one of these johns wanted a girl who was too strung out to even see straight, they could go to any street corner they wanted.

I was a businessman and I only provided the highest quality product. And in my opinion, the highest quality woman didn't have a larger quantity of heroin than blood running through her veins.

Once I was in my car, I put in the address that Alek had given me and cursed. That bastard wanted me to go into the middle of fucking nowhere to grab some girl? And I was going to have to do this after not getting laid.

I pulled out another cigarette with one hand and my Zippo lighter with another, lighting it with a practiced move that only took seconds.

There were six left in the package and there was no way that would get me through this fool's errand.

But when Alek Rishka had first come to me with this idea of our partnership I had decided it was a good idea. It was a way for me to finally get control of this city I’d devoted myself to.

And I wasn't going to fuck it up now. As stupid as the request sounded, Alek had seemed... sincere on the phone.

Which was downright odd in our line of work.

It also meant that I was going to do the damn job, if only for curiosity's sake. Once I was on the road, I started to call my people to let them know not to expect me back tonight.