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Shane “Shadow” Carpenter is a dangerous man with a stone cold heart. He has been a Sin City Enforcer for several years, and he lives by their creed. He does what he wants, when he wants, and to who he wants. He doesn’t suffer fools, and empathy is a foreign concept. However, when he has to collect on a debt owed to him, he is put in a situation he’d never imagined.
Teagan Walker is new to Las Vegas. She is a dancer who has finally caught her big break. Her tireless auditioning efforts have paid off, and she is set to be a performer in one of the biggest shows on the strip. However, before she can even start living her dream, her boyfriend owes a debt that she has to help pay. The problem is, neither of them has any money, and now she is thrust into a situation with a gorgeous killer.
Shane and Teagan go on a dangerous ride that neither of them expected. But, once it’s over, can they leave their baggage behind, or will they walk away?





I know this asshole is bluffing. His nervous twitching, shifty eyes, and massive sweating are giving him away. Trey Everett is in over his head, but his ego is too big for him to ever admit that.

That’s why when I came to collect Sin City’s money, I let him play me in poker instead of paying me his twenty thousand dollar balance. I knew Grimm wouldn’t care about me making the bet, and it’s not like the club needs the money. It’s the principle.

Everett thought he could get away with not paying his debt. But there’s no debt too small to collect. I don’t give a fuck if you owe me a nickel; when I come to collect your ass better have my money.

“I’m all in,” Everett says. He nervously pushes all of his chips into the middle of the table.

I don’t show any emotion. My face as usual is a stone mask, it’s why I’m so good at cards and being an enforcer for my club.

I slide my chips in, and Everett gulps, “I call.”

We flip our cards over, and just as I suspected, Everett’s hand is shit. I look up at him with a raised brow. There’s no way he has the kind of money needed to cover his bet. I already spotted him the money to enter the game. We both knew he wasn’t able to pay. He was hoping winning would get him out of the hole.

The MC makes a lot of money from the back house gambling games we sponsor. We don’t have an elaborate setup, and the games move from time to time to keep the law off our trail. Because although we are in Las Vegas, our games are illegal as fuck.

Our buy-ins aren’t always monetary, but as long as the value is high and we can flip it to our benefit, it doesn’t really matter what the person puts up. Hell, the Sinners own houses, cars, even a damn eighteen-wheeler. There are very few things we won’t take as payment.

Depending on the location, we have a more upscale clientele at some of our games, and Everett somehow managed to get himself an invite. However, I knew from the moment I saw him that he was full of shit.

I look around the room and notice the crowd is starting to pick up. I need to make some rounds and start collecting on other debts. Motherfuckers do their best to avoid me because they know I’m not only the collector. I’m the enforcer.

Becoming an enforcer for the Sinners was not an easy task, and it is one that I take seriously. The club looks at me to protect its best interest, and I always do, no matter what.

“Time to pay up. I got shit to handle.” I get up from my seat and motion to Everett.

The man has gone pale, and I think he might actually throw up. If I hadn’t seen how cocky he was when he got here, I would’ve thought he was always this nervous.

“Listen, Shadow. I got the twenty grand, but I’ll need a little more time to get the rest.” He stands up and looks around as if somebody is going to come and save his bitchass.

“You owe eighty. Twenty ain’t even half. The fuck am I supposed to do with that?” I quirk my eyebrow at him and fold my arms over my chest. I look down my nose at the sniveling fool and frown.

“I know… I know. Look, you know I’m good for it. I’d be an idiot to cross the Sinners.”

I frown because lets be honest, we both know he is an idiot. But for whatever reason, I’m feeling generous.

“Hand over the twenty grand, and I’ll think about an extension for the rest.”