Revelations (The Order #1) Read Online Sandra R Neeley, Chris Storm

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Series: The Order Series by Sandra R Neeley

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The Saurinai have lived on Earth since the dawn of humanity. They have been known by many names — gods and daevas, spirits and demons, and archangels from the heavens. While they may look like angels, these immortal aliens are from another world. They call themselves ‘The Order’ and they are all that stand between their own people and the destruction of mankind. Rhavele, First Archon of The Order, their leader and the most powerful of their kind, is slowly slipping into insanity, as so many of their people have done over the eons they’ve lived on Earth. The phantom that haunts his waking moments is a very real danger — if he loses control to the she-phantom stalking his mind, there is no hope that humanity will survive the coming onslaught.
Aurora Rose MacKay is a proud Southern woman with a strength honed by generations of women before her and a heart as big as her home state of Georgia. She’s determined to make it as an artist in the big city, just as soon as she can stop bailing her baby brother out of trouble. Until then, she does everything she can to make everyone she meets smile a little more, feel they mattered to her for a little while. She’s a ray of warmth in a cold impersonal world. Her only respite is a fantasy man she’s dreamt of as far back as she can remember. Sounds innocent, right? What could possibly go wrong with a dream? Well, finding out he’s real, and you belong to him could put a new twist on things. But one thing is certain; as long as she’s in the line of fire, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.


The Saurinai (Angels)

* Members of the Order Protecting Earth

† Members of the Saurinai Fleet attacking Earth

⁂ Allegiance Unknown

* Arkaine “Kaine” (Malcolm MacKaine) – Archon of the Second Order, Warlord of the Legionnaires

† Avelsaad “Avel” – Kaine’s older brother, Archon and Warlord of the Red Fleet

* Gideo – Archon of the Third Order

* Gol – First Order, formerly of the Second Order. Caretaker of Eden and Covenant

* Grigori “Grig” (Unknown) – Archon of the Seventh Order

⁂ Helel (Lucifer/Satan) – Fallen High Archon

* Khalil “Khal” (Xolani Lindiwe) – Archon of the Fifth Order

⁂ Korvin – Former member of the Third Order

† Lilith – Magus Archon of the White Fleet, Prima of House Margo

* Raviel “Ra” (Unknown) – Archon of the Sixth Order

* Rhavele “Rhave” (Raphael Ravenhurst) – High Archon of the First Order, Chosen Son of House Jarl, leader of The Order

⁂ Roc – Former Archon of the Third Order

⁂ The Seven Deadlies – Seven independent Saurinai who currently reside in Las Vegas

* Zacchaeus “Zacc” (Zachariah J. Baptiste) – Archon of the Third Order

⁂ Zhaqir – Former member of the Third Order

Other Important Terms

Ark – The original expeditionary logistics/support ship sent to Earth, returned to Saurin

Armageddon – The World Ender weapon

Covenant – New warship spawned by Eden, created to protect Earth

Eden – Original scientific vessel sent to Earth, became the homebase of those who remained behind.

Fallen – Saurinai who followed Helel and turned their backs on their original mission

Legionnaire – The Saurinai warrior caste

Leviathan – Original warship sent to Earth, returned to Saurin

Saurin – The home world of the Saurinai (“Angels”)

Shortcuts – Permanent teleportation portals between two set locations.

The Order – the name chosen by the Saurinai who have chosen to protect Earth, divided into Seven Archons


“Well, hello again, Mr. Tall, Bronze, and Broody!” Rory purred seductively, putting a little swagger in her step as she sashayed down the dimly lit hall towards the tall, muscular figure who stood with his back to her. “Imagine, running into you again in a place like this? Who'd have thought it?”

Okay, so she was playing up her Georgia Peach persona, but it happened whenever she was in a flirtatious mood. And being around “TBB,” as she had taken to calling him, always put her in that mood. She ignored the fact they were standing in a dirty, dusty, and downright primitive tunnel roughly hewn through a mountain!

She’d always been excellent at compartmentalizing like that.

Sadly, TBB ignored her. He always did, but she was used to it by now. Oddly, the fact that he never even acknowledged her presence only made her braver and bolder.

TBB reached up his large, strong hand and pressed it against the panel beside the door. As the door swooshed open, brilliant gold sunlight shattered the lingering gloom of the rough passage and haloed his tall, broad-shouldered form in a shimmering aura of light.

As Rory shielded her eyes from the burst of light, she heard a deep voice come from behind her. “It does no’ ever get easier, does it?”

“It sure doesn’t!” Rory muttered.

“No,” TBB responded, “It does not.” He turned around, still silhouetted against the golden portal, which kept his features shrouded in shadow. He took a few moments before he managed to ask in a grudging voice, “Are you well?”