Remy (Savage Kings MC – Virginia #1) Read Online Lane Hart, D.B. West

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Series: Savage Kings MC - Virginia Series by Lane Hart

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After two confidential informants are murdered by a drug lord the DEA has spent months trying to bust, agent Avery Carmichael is ordered to go undercover.
She’s going to need some help infiltrating the outlaw world, which is where the hottest, most infuriating man she’s ever met comes in.
Remy Fulton is the president of the newest Savage Kings MC chapter in Rockland, Virginia. When his younger brother RJ gets into legal trouble, he reluctantly agrees to help the prissy snob with her undercover operation to keep RJ out of prison.
Pretending to be the biker’s latest conquest may prove much more difficult than Avery anticipated. From the moment they meet, Remy argues with her over every little thing. He’s especially furious with her when he finds out she’ll be staying with him for weeks, sharing his home and his entire life.
Their friends and family can’t find out their relationship is fake because blowing their cover could inevitably put Avery’s life in danger.
It’s no secret that the two don’t initially trust or respect each other. But once they’re forced to improvise a few times under pressure, they become more comfortable playing the part of an infatuated couple.
The agent and biker ultimately get so good at being together that even they forget that they’re only supposed to be pretending as they attempt to set up the deal to take down a homicidal drug dealer.
Avery can’t seem to recall why she despised Remy in the first place since he’s proven to be a kind, caring man who would literally do anything to protect his family.
And while Remy didn’t want to spend a second with Avery at the beginning of the undercover operation, he suddenly doesn’t know how he’s ever going to let her go.



Remington “Remy” Fulton

“So, what does this ‘President’ patch mean? Are you like, the president of something?”

“Yeah, baby,” I answer.

It’s a good thing the girl rubbing her fingers over the patch on the front of my leather cut has a hot body and pretty face because she is as ditzy as they come. At least, I hope she’s legit dumb… If this is all just some weird act, that’s even worse. Not that it matters how smart a woman is when I’m fucking her, I guess, but damn, girl.

“What are you the president of?” The coastal wind whips her dyed red hair in her face like even it’s exasperated with her attempt at making small talk.

“The Rockland chapter of the Savage Kings MC,” I tell her tits. It’s not my fault that I’m a foot taller than her and have a perfect view. If she didn’t want anyone to look, she wouldn’t have them hoisted up on display in that lacy corset top. She knew how she looked when she put this lingerie on, and she decided to wear it out tonight. It’s meant for the bedroom, and she can’t wait to lure me to hers.

“Did you like, win one of those election things?”

“Pretty much.”

When my brothers and I sat down with Hugo for our first official meeting, we all assumed that he would be the leader of our new chapter. He knows our area, and he’s been in the Myrtle Beach chapter of the club for several years. It made sense to us, but he shot that shit down right away. After some discussion of all the ways I had saved each of their asses through the years, my younger brothers ganged up and forced the gavel on me. I can’t say I resisted, since I’m well aware that the only reason those three are still alive is my direct intervention. They aren’t fuckups or anything; it’s just that they each have their own peculiarities that make them…unsuited for managerial roles. I was sure that they would find a way to screw around and burn down the entire enterprise within the first year.

Turns out that even with me at the head of the table, our clubhouse literally burnt to the ground, along with every other chapter of the Savage Kings, in retaliation for shit going down in South Carolina. At least it wasn’t my fault; no one could blame the new guys for this shit.

Thankfully, we had set up RJ’s garage as the temporary location, so we didn’t lose much. He lost his auto shop and the tools inside, but those are things we can easily replace. He didn’t even have any customer vehicles inside when it all went up, which was a rare stroke of luck. The new shop is almost finished, and it’ll be better than ever. I honestly can’t fucking wait because when RJ isn’t working, he gets bored. Bored RJ gets restless, and restless RJ has the impulse control of a goddamned kitten.

“Hurry up, Remy, or you’ll miss it!” Barrett yells for me from the road.