Reckless Alpha’s Hard to Get Mate (Shifters & Fae #6) Read Online J. S. Striker

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Iz, a member of New York’s most powerful vampire clan, didn’t realize her uncle was working behind the scenes to seal her fate.
Now she’s engaged to a boring dude her family wants her to marry. Sure, he’s a well connected, high powered vampire too. But she wants more from her life.
Needing one last bid at freedom before sacrificing it all for her family, she goes on a quest to fulfill her own personal bucket list. She goes to an old friend for help.
Billy knows Iz would never go for him. He’s too young, a shifter, and not serious enough for someone like her. But when she comes to him for help, he can’t say no. Besides, he needs a purpose in life . And this will at least keep him busy until he finds one.
Facing off against danger, uncertainty, and thrills, their bond turns into something deeper, sparks fly, and eventually they stop trying to fight their growing attraction.
Can Iz defy her family’s wishes and hold onto her own happiness? And if she tries, can a young shifter like Billy survive life in vampire clan?


Chapter 1

“It’s a lovely painting. Do you see those discerning lines at the side? The artist wants them to symbolize beauty and power. Look at how they curve in their path and then become straight again. Isn’t it amazing?”

“Lovely. That’s quite lovely.”

It was also the most pretentious conversation Isabella Hastings had engaged in that day, considering the artist was her friend—and she was pretty sure those lines were meant to shadow the main attraction and not much else. She studied the painting of a woman sitting on a field, her face blissfully tilted towards the sun while dark clouds roiled from behind her. Now, that was for interpretation and she already had a good one.

“And do you see those green, curly trees? The way they change in colors and lean towards her? Isn’t it the most titillating thing you have ever seen?”

“Amazing,” she said before he could exclaim it for the nth time. “It’s amazing.”

“And that soil—”

“Really amazing. Shall we move on to the next painting?”

They did, and each one elicited a different set of praises that rotated from amazing, lovely, and delectable. By the fifth painting, she wanted to go home, while her date still prattled on about how every painting in the place was flawless.

“But the statues, I have a lot of comments about them.” Edmund Wilder wrinkled his nose, eyeing the display in distaste. “Some of them are chipped and so badly formed. Others have so many scratches. And that guy over there—”

“William the Wanderer. He explored a few islands in the Southeast and stumbled upon tribes that changed his life. The last tribe he visited tried to eat him and got a chunk out of his legs. He couldn’t walk ever since that incident.”

Her gaze flew to the chunks taken out of the statue’s legs, then the man who had spoken the words. Beside Edmund, Billy Bennett looked like a dark creature reminiscent of the roiling clouds with his broad-shouldered stature, menacing aura, and dark hair, but all of that was mellowed out by the twinkle in his hazel orbs. She couldn’t help locking in on that gaze and mirroring his excellent mood, delight seeping in at his presence.

“I forgot you worked here,” she blurted out.

A slow smile formed. “I don’t think we ever talked about it. Hi, Iz.”

“Hello, Billy. I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Six months, I believe.”

Six months and he was no longer starstruck around her, contrary to the young man she had met. When someone cleared their throat, she turned back to Edmund. At the raise of his brow, she remembered herself. “Edmund, this is Billy. He’s an acquaintance of the Hastings.”

Just like that, Edmund’s body language switched from cautious to interested, lighting up the face that matched the sunlight in the paintings. If those statues were imperfect, then this man looked like he was sculpted by the Greek gods, minus the tanned complexion. It helped that his charming side came out when he reached out a hand to shake Billy’s.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Billy. You have an amazing collection here.”

Billy looked down at their joined hands in puzzlement, then nodded. “It is.”

“So, are you the director or the manager of this lovely museum?”

“I’m the guard on duty.”

The hand froze. To Edmund’s credit, he didn’t drop it. “That’s…fascinating. How do you know…?”

“Bennett,” Billy offered, eyes twinkling brighter.

“Oh!” Recognition flared. “The Bennett getting married to Iz’s half-sister?”

“Sister,” she corrected. “And they got married already.”

“And I’m a cousin to the Bennett who’s married to Iz’s sister,” Billy mused.

“I see. Why wasn’t I invited to this wedding?”

“It was a small, intimate affair,” Isabella brushed off. “Lots of shifters in attendance. And beer.”

“I see.” Edmund didn’t shudder, but he wrinkled his nose. “Janella’s a very spirited woman with a lot of spirited choices.”