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North - Kings of Carnage

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Being the enforcer of the Kings Of Carnage MC it’s my job to watch over the women and protect them from dirt bags that strut into Centerfolds. Aspen worked the pole like every other stripper that night. She wasn’t trying to get my attention, she just wanted what was in my wallet … cash.
The more she was unfazed by me, the more I wanted to be someone she wouldn’t dare forget. I get off on a challenge.
I had plans to make it rain dollars on her c-cups with an arrogant smirk on my face all while she worked. That was before I realized she brought her little girl to work that night.
Now having my full attention, I find Aspen in depths of trouble only my brotherhood can help her and her daughter escape.
I’ll be her prick, and she’ll be the pain in the ass I never wanted. I didn’t need her to fix me, I just wanted her to sit with me in the dark and accept that neither of us was meant to be normal. But can she?
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M.N. Forgy



The hard chair I’m sitting on is pressed into my ass, and I re-cross my legs trying to get comfortable. Looking around the office, I scan the posters of half-naked women, and butterflies fill my stomach. Am I going to end up on a poster? God, if I get this job, my parents are going to disown me, I know it. He’s left me no options. Whether they can see that or not is no longer my problem. I’ve tried everything, and this is where I’m left.

The door behind me opens and a tall blonde woman strolls in. She’s wearing a crystal two-piece that looks like it’s made of mesh. It’s gorgeous and shows her body in just the right way.

She sits behind the desk and pulls out a laptop.

“Okay, so you’re Aspen,” she states, clicking open my application.

“Yes,” I say a little too eagerly, scooting to the edge of the wooden chair.

“I’m Valley, the house mom.” She continues to scroll across the screen, her eyes squinting as she examines it harder.

“Hi, thanks for getting back to me,” I say in a friendly tone. I desperately need this job, if I don’t get it, I’m homeless and screwed.

Her eyes pop over the screen at me, and she bites her bottom lip with toothpaste-commercial-white teeth. She’s really pretty. Insecurity runs down my spine, but I don’t break eye contact. If I’m going to work here, I’m going to have to step out of my comfort zone and build some confidence.

“Have you ever danced before?”

“No, but I used to be a gymnast and I catch on really quick,” I defend.

“Mhhm, what’s your stage name?” Her tone comes off as bored.

“Um, just Aspen will work.” I shrug, I didn’t know I need some exotic name, otherwise, I would have come up with something awesome.

She sits back in her chair and crosses her arms, her eyes taking me in with what I assume is amusement.

“You are different than the other girls; basic, but pretty,” she observes, tapping a perfectly manicured nail on the desktop. I curl my nails into my palm, making a mental note to paint them.

Blinking a few times, I’m not sure if that was an insult or compliment.

She closes the laptop.

“Okay, follow me.” She stands and opens the door to the office. I grab my purse and follow her out. Right across the hall, she takes me into a room filled with vanities, all the lights are off because it’s in the middle of the day, but the smell of dancers from the night before lingers in the air. Racks on a wall hold various wigs and clothes of every type.

Valley steps up to a vanity in the back and presses her hand to the tabletop.

“This will be your vanity. If you don’t want something used or stolen, take it home with you.” She says with a bored tone. Swallowing, I can’t help but want to touch the vanity too, it’s something that is mine. My ex-husband has been trying to take everything from me in this divorce, but he can’t take this.

“This way,” she sings, walking past me. Her heels click on the floor, and I tilt my head sideways to look at them. The heel is really tall, and the straps wrap around her ankles. I’ve never worn anything like those before, but I need to get some shoes like that for sure.

I follow her across the hall and into a locker room. Both sides of the room are stacked with silver mini lockers, and a bench sits in the middle.

“This is the locker room, here is your locker.” She stops and hands me a piece of paper from her cleavage, reminding me of the fortune you get from a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant.

“I’m the only one who has the code to open this, so it’s safe for your purse or other shit you want to lock.” She looks at me, her lips pursed and eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings.

“Okay,” I mutter, taking the code.

She takes off again, and I make a mental note of the locker number and hurry up behind her. In the main area where the stage and chairs are, I take the chance to look around. I never get to see inside these places because they only come alive at night.

“You need to come two hours before opening hour to rehearse, get used to the pole. One of the girls might help you with a couple dance moves, they may not. You’ll dance one week from today and if you screw it up, then you’re fired.”

She looks over her shoulder. “So I suggest you get some clothes, get the moves, and get the personality if you wanna work here.” She huffs, crossing her arms. My brows furrow from her tone, it’s almost as if she doesn’t like me. Lifting my chin, I nod at whatever she says. I need this job, it’s the only job left in this town that I can get at this point.