Nightmare’s Fall (Dreambound #2) Read Online Dakota Brown

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My perfect world has turned upside down. Adapting to the consequences of a childhood game isn’t easy. I’m learning to love my new reality, but being the princess of Nightmare is dangerous. Not everyone is happy I’ve been found, and enemies are everywhere.
Prince Nic and Geraint are trying to keep me safe despite the nothingness storms that ravage the land, erasing everything in their path. Two of my princes are lost, an unstable despot controls the realm, and the fabric of Dream and Nightmare continues to unravel around us.
We’re racing against time, and I fear we’re on the losing side. If we can’t find the other princes and halt the destruction of my realm, I’ll be left with nothing, not even dreams of what I’ve lost.



Air rushed past me, and adrenalin sent my heart racing as I fell backward. Shit, shit... no, it’s all right. I came up hard against the silks wrapped around my legs, spinning at the bottom of my drop, and my panic quieted at that comforting pressure. I let my momentum change my path and flip me upright. Arms outstretched and toes pointed, I ended the move. Remembering that all important smile, I posed before untangling myself and climbing to the ground.

A handful of captivated teens clapped.

Conscious of the group of parents that observed their children training, I didn’t give voice to the relief I felt at not having a panic attack after the drop. It was a relatively simple one. However, it wasn’t but a few days ago that climbing the silks without freaking out was beyond me. Where once I’d soared with complete confidence, fake-Baz’s cruel games in Nightmare had broken that. Knowing Nic lurked in the shadows, unseen though I could feel his presence, and my budding powers gave me a little more confidence. He’d catch me if the silks vanished, and I failed to catch myself.

“Sadie, you try it.” I wiped the sweat from my brow.

The teen grinned and ran over to the set of silks I had just used.

“Use a dancer climb,” I ordered. There were a ton of different ways to climb up the silks, and this was a pretty basic one, but it wasn’t the easiest—though it was far from truly difficult—and I wanted her to work a little.

She pushed her lips out in a fake pout before wrapping her leg around the fabric and starting her climb. I watched while she set herself up for the drop, talking her through a few points since she’d never done it before. When she let go, a huge grin on her face as she flew through the air, I remembered my first time. I’d been young and fearless, but I’d still had a moment’s pause to think about how I was about to fling myself toward the ground from fifteen feet in the air. The rush of a first successful plunge in the silks had stuck with me all these years and I still loved it, despite my current fears.

If I got the chance, I was going to punch not-Baz in the fucking face for putting uncertainty in my life. Well, maybe I’d use a big stick. I’d never punched anyone in my life, and I suspected I might hurt myself. The pain might be worth it, though.

Tonight, Geraint and I were going to try one of our warmup straps routines. If that went well, we’d work back up to our full sequences. He and I both had a little catching up to do after several weeks of very little aerial. Even knights of the realm of Nightmare had to keep in shape.

Of course, I hadn’t known Geraint was a being from Nightmare sent to keep me safe after a childhood game of “wedding” had bound me to three Nightmare princes. Geraint and I had grown up together, fallen in love, created the perfect life touring the world with our renowned performances.

Then someone imitating one of my princes had decided he wanted me back in Nightmare. It took not-Baz a while to find me, but when he had, he’d kidnapped both me and Geraint, tortured us, and locked us away. One of the castle guards more loyal to the realm than to Baz himself had helped Geraint arrange my escape, and I’d found Nic. Prince Nyctophobia, the embodiment of the fear of the dark or the unknown. He had these kick-ass shadow powers, and he was actually just as nice as I remembered from our play as children. Meeting him had unlocked all those magically sealed memories and turned my world upside down.

Now we were trying to balance a semblance of a normal life while Nic hid out in the conscious realm with me and Geraint, while also trying to figure out what had happened to Prince Dio and the real Prince Baz.