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My Sinful Nights (Sinful Men #1)

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Lauren Blakely

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Ten years ago, I let the love of my life slip through my fingers. It’s my greatest regret, especially since she’s all but disappeared. When she walks back into my world unexpectedly, I have one mission — win her back. Whatever it takes.
But the gorgeous, brilliant, tough-as-iron Shannon has secrets of her own, and a family past she’s trying to escape.
Slowly but surely, I break down her walls over our sinful nights together, with a connection more passionate than ever, an intimacy more fiery than it was before.
But the past can only stay behind you for so long. And when the people who want a piece of her family start circling her, I’ll have to prove I’m the man to protect her from her suddenly dangerous present.
*MY SINFUL NIGHTS is a reimagining of the 2015 story SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS (no longer available for sale). MY SINFUL NIGHTS has been rewritten in first person with an entirely new romance for Shannon and Brent, new characterizations and new conflict in this second chance romance!*
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Sinful Men Series by Lauren Blakely

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Lauren Blakely

His Prologue

Ten years ago

Here’s the thing about long-distance relationships.

No one ever tells you how painfully hard they are.

We’re talking run-an-ultra-marathon hard. Learn to write in Mandarin hard.

I was seven months into one, and I still wasn’t used to the missing.

Would I ever be?

On Friday afternoon, I stared at the picture on my desk of my fiancée, gazing at Shannon’s bright blonde hair, short and sleek, pushed back in a slim silver headband. I took in her vibrant eyes, her smile.

A smile I knew I’d brought back to her face, and damn, did that ever make me happy.

To be the person who’d done that for her.

One day more, and I could make my way to see her again.

Twelve more hours till my flight.

A knock sounded on the plastic wall of the tiny cube I called home from nine a.m. to midnight most of the time.

There was always a rap on the proverbial door. There was always something I needed to do. There was never time to linger on Shannon, to think about her, let alone see her.

The thing I wanted most in the world.

I looked up from the picture and into the unshaven face of Jed Hawkins, head writer on Late Night Antics. He smiled, the kind of smile that said I’m about to ask you for a big-ass favor.

Since I was low man on the totem pole, and more than thrilled to have that position here at a late-night comedy show, I put on my most professional grin. “What can I do for you?”

I said it before he even had the chance to tell me what he needed.

That was how you rose in this field. You did it by jumping on opportunities before they even came your way. Otherwise, you were too late. I’d learned that in the first six months at this job. There was always someone waiting in the wings.

Jed scratched his jaw, heaving a sigh, like it pained him to ask the next thing. “Here’s the thing. That series of sketches on the new Marvel flick?”

I nodded. I knew the sketches. I’d worked on them, written a few jokes for them.

“The host wants us to rewrite them,” Jed said with a what can you do expression. His eyes were dark—or maybe it was the bags under them.

There was nothing I could do about that.

What I could do was this.

Don’t let on that the request drives you crazy.

It was just par for the course. Rewrites landed on your plate hourly. As a junior writer on a TV show, you just did them.

“I’ll get started now,” I said.

“And . . . we need the first one by morning. The second by noon. The third by—”

“Tomorrow at this time,” I said, masking the heavy weight in my gut.

I had a plane to catch in the morning.

A plane I didn’t think I was going to make now.

Story of my fucking life. I’d had to cancel the last three trips. Shannon had offered to come here each time, but work had piled up and I wouldn’t have been able to see her even if she did.

Just like I couldn’t see her now.

Because of those damn sketches.

But that series of sketches was the linchpin of the show, so I didn’t have a choice. Jed swiveled around, took a step, then spun back and said with a sigh, “One more thing. Host is going to need you on set this weekend after all. In case there are any other last-minute changes.”

That weight? It was an anchor now, sinking me. Sinking my long-distance love affair. “Got it.”

Jed had the decency to look rueful. He shrugged. “Sorry. I think you were going out of town, but—”

“It’ll be fine. I’ll take care of it.”

He left, and out of habit, I glanced at the clock. But I knew it was already the middle of the night in London.

Too late to call.

Instead, with my shoulders sagging, I sent an email to Shannon, telling her I would have to reschedule my trip. After I hit send, I gave myself a minute to be annoyed.

It had been seven months like this. Seven months since college ended. Seven months since we’d promised to find a way to stay together. We’d known it wasn’t going to be easy. We lived thousands of miles apart, a country and an ocean between us. But we’d had a plan. When school had ended, we’d figured a once-a-month visit was doable. She’d fly here. I’d fly there. Every other month one of us would travel, maybe only for a weekend. But a weekend was worth it.

When you loved someone to the depths of your soul, a weekend was worth it. That was what I told myself over and over and again and again.

The problem was we’d only managed one damn weekend in seven months. All the every-other-month plans had flown out the window. Our schedules had never aligned. Our days off were never the same. And work kept shoving itself in the way, the bully in the lunch line.