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My Sinful Longing (Sinful Men #3)

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Lauren Blakely

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Some women are just off-limits.
But that doesn’t stop me from wanting Elle Mariano. She’s clever, big-hearted and the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.
The thing is, she’s fighting the demons of her past and do I ever know how hard those are to battle.
So I try my best to be her shoulder to lean on. Until the night we combust. And one night turns into hot, dirty days, and secret trysts.
If it all sounds too good to be true, it is. Because once I learn the secret she’s keeping from me, my entire family’s future turns riskier than I ever imagined.
Especially since the bastards who tried to tear my family apart years ago are tailing both of us now. Our every move.
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Sinful Men Series by Lauren Blakely

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Lauren Blakely

His Prologue

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, but life has taught me one hard and fast truth: the moments that change you may take you by surprise.

All the big moments in my life started out as average, ordinary days. Days where I ate my cereal, drank my coffee, and left home. But by the time day turned to night, the earth under my feet had shifted seismically. My place in the world had shattered, my outlook had boomeranged.

I’d counted two days like that so far in my life—the day my father was killed, and the day I decided to get sober.

Little did I know a year ago when I walked into the community center in a beaten-down neighborhood, ready to walk the walk and talk the talk, that that day would be another one of those moments.

One I never forgot.

Because it was the start of a new story, the kind that goes like this: So, there was this woman . . .

When I walked into her office to introduce myself, I figured I’d say hello, let her know who I was, tell her I believed in the center’s mission. I would be polite, professional, and then I’d be on my way.

I didn’t believe in love at first sight. I didn’t believe in much of anything but family, hard work, and to never bet against the house in Vegas. But when I saw Elle Mariano, her hair pinned up to reveal sparrows inked across her neck, standing at the window watering a tiny succulent plant in a pink terra-cotta pot, I was caught.

Hook, line, and sinker.

It wasn’t love.

But it was something powerful nonetheless.

It was instant longing.

She spun around, smiled, and spoke first. “Oh, hey. You must be our newest donor. I’m Elle, and this is Louis Armstrong,” she said, introducing me to herself and the plant.


The woman named her plant.

And I was a goner. She was gorgeous, warm, and so damn easy to talk to. All of that was obvious in those first three seconds.

Seismically obvious.

My lips curved into a grin as I answered her. “Colin Sloan, donor and volunteer. Nice to meet you and Louis. What a wonderful world indeed,” I said.

She set down the green watering tin, some vintage metal thing that looked like she’d picked it up on Etsy. Walking over to me, she extended a hand, and we shook.

The smile she flashed next—it reeled me in.

Trouble was, I knew better than to mix business with pleasure. And she—well, she had her own reasons to draw all sorts of lines, as I’d learn much later.

That didn’t stop me from wanting her though. Nothing could, not even the friendship we developed over the next year.

That was how it went with the moments that changed your life.

You were powerless to stop them.

It was what you did next that mattered.

But with Elle, I wouldn’t have stopped anything.

Not even how that friendship would upend my neat, organized life, rocketing it into another moment that would change my life forever.

Her Prologue


It’s one of those words that’s designed to make you happy.

Like chocolate and soft blankets and long, lazy afternoons in the sun.

Friendship is one of the greatest things in life. I was lucky to have lots of good friends, from my sister to the women on my roller derby team to the people I worked with. I was lucky, too, to count my family among that number. My mom. Even my son at times was like a friend.

But . . .

There’s always a but.

Every now and then, that word can be a double-edged sword. Sharp and dangerous.

Like when there’s a guy you maybe, possibly, might want to be more than friends with.

But in the immortal words of social networking, it’s complicated.

The day I met Colin Sloan a year ago, the afternoon sun streaming through the window as I watered one of my “crooners,” I had an inkling that he might not be like any other donor to the community center.

And I didn’t think he’d be like any other volunteer either.

It wasn’t his tattoos, though I do love me some ink.

It wasn’t his stubble either, but oh yeah, the kind of scruff he rocked was a fave of mine.

It was his eyes.

They gave everything away.

His deep, soulful brown eyes showed me his heart. They revealed him. Those eyes told me instantly that we were a lot alike. He’d been to hell and back. And damn, if I didn’t know the route to that place too. I’d traveled it without a map. Could find my way in the dark whether I wanted to or not.

His eyes locked with mine, and we sparked. I felt a sizzle that was more than physical. It was a connection. An understanding. And a longing too.

From that first day, I sensed we had the potential to become so much more. My heart dreamed of more.