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Mountain Man X2

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Frankie Love

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We live alone and spend our days in the woods, putting the past behind us.
But we spend our nights dreaming of a woman who could love our unconventional life.
When Birdie flies through the old-growth forest and into our lives, we know she is the one we’ve been waiting for.
But we aren’t asking for just one night.
We’re asking for forever. Times two.
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Frankie Love



The lake glistens and the sun shines and damn, I don’t regret for a minute moving out to the middle of nowhere with my oldest friend. Especially not when I’m swinging my axe and felling an evergreen. I’ve got a fine stack of wood, just about enough to finish my project.

A few weeks back, I decided to make an outbuilding. Pine, the man who is like a brother to me, gave me a hard time, asking why we needed one since we already have a garage. But I was dead set on it. Figuring I’d know what to use it for when the time came.

For now, I lift my axe and swing, the loud crack reverberating through the old-growth forest where we built our large cabin a year ago.

We inherited this piece of land on Broken Wing Mountain from our foster parents, the ones who raised us. We would come out here every summer when we were kids and pitch tents, catch trout in the lake, eat s’mores over the campfire, and hike the trails.

Then last year happened and our priorities changed. Our focus shifted. We needed a fresh start. After they passed, we left the city where we grew up. It never felt like home.

This place, though? It reminds us of family, and the tall trees that grow here are permanent, firmly planted.

I grunt, chopping down the hardwood. When I finish, I wipe my brow, seeing Pine come around the bend, a book in hand. All our lives I’ve been labeled the brawn, he’s the brains. And I don’t mind and neither does he. There isn’t a single thing we don’t seem to agree on and it’s why we’re such good friends.

“I’m headed to the lake, wanna come?” he asks.

I nod, resting the axe against the stump. “Did you pack any food?” I ask, eying his backpack.

“Yeah, wanna sandwich?” He knows my answer before I say a damn thing. He pulls out a hoagie and I eat as we walk on the trail toward the lake. We have a dock and a boat, and now that the weather is warmer, most nights I come out here and fish. Pine usually stays back and uses the dry sauna. We get along, but we still like our space.

I finish the sandwich and pull off my flannel shirt, then shrug off my pants. I run down the dock and jump into the lake with a cannonball, not waiting to see if Pine is following.

When I come up for air, I see Pine diving in, headfirst, after me.

It’s refreshing as all get out, and I ask Pine about his morning.

“I finished the book proposal,” he says.

“Finally,” I joke.

“You still planning on taking the trip next month?” he asks.

I nod. “Yep, it’s a ten-day hike in the Olympics. Should be a good group from a start-up in Seattle.”

I take people on hiking trips for a living. It works out nice, gives Pine and me a bit of breathing room from one another, and when he leaves on his book tours or for signings, I get the cabin to myself. It all works out.

We’re doing lazy backstrokes, feeling on the top of the damn world, when we hear a cry. It’s a woman’s cry, from further down the shore.

“Help!” she shrieks. “Help me!”


Everything that could go wrong has. And now I am in the lake, struggling to stay above water.

“Help!” I cry again, wishing I had jumped in my stepdad Hank’s truck and hightailed it out of town instead of running from his run-down house and jumping into the small boat in the lake. I wasn’t thinking straight. I was thinking of one thing alone — get the hell away from the man who has tormented me for so long. I didn’t realize this boat has been left unused because there is a hole in the bottom of it.

The water started rising, and the boat sank deeper and deeper. I held onto the oar as the boat went underwater, and then I started swimming.

But I didn’t swim back toward the old shack. I started swimming across the lake to the place where I’ve seen smoke rising from a chimney. Someone is out here. And maybe it’s someone who can help me get away.

I should have left a long time ago.

But now none of that matters. All that matters is the fact I am not a strong swimmer and even though the shore is within sight, I’m not sure I can make it in time. My arms are exhausted and I can’t hold up my head.

“We’re coming,” a man’s voice shouts, cutting through my terror. I gasp, water entering my lungs. “We’re almost there!”

Two men swim up to me as my eyes close, as I sink beneath the ice-cold mountain lake water.

But I don’t sink to the bottom… no. They lift me up. They have a hold on me.