More to Lose (Garnet University #1) Read Online Sarah Anah

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Working with Garnet University’s golden-child hockey star, Logan Holland, is hardly a punishment. He’s got it all: Status, charm, and an unmatched ability to make my heart race. Plenty of girls on campus would love to clean him up and pin him down.
I know I shouldn’t take his suave demeanor and hot-as-sin grin to heart, but my body eats it up like a last meal.
There’s no harm in late night phone calls and front row seats to his games, right? Except, juggling my messy life and his quick-witted flirtations is serious work, and his intoxicating presence makes me start to question what I really want.
But athletes don’t date girls like me, and a bad string of hook-ups has me questioning just how long I can hold out before becoming another notch in his, undoubtedly large, headboard.
Besides, what could an overwhelmed nursing student and a carefree playboy really have in common?



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In my twenty years of life, I’ve never gotten chills from hearing my own name.

Until today.

“Olivia Wylde?” It’s a question and a statement, and it sounds so good coming from whoever spoke it. My head pops up from the sheet of notes I’ve been studiously copying over from my Energy Crisis textbook and follows the rows of eyes to the speaker. My partner for the end of semester assignment stands three rows ahead, eyebrows slightly raised waiting for whoever Olivia is to make some type of gesture that I’ve heard him. I clear my throat and raise my hand, giving a slight wave.

“That would be me.”

He gives a tight smile and nods his head in acceptance that I am who he will be stuck with for the next four weeks. I don’t know much about him, other than what floats around campus: Logan Holland, one of the star players for the Garnet Swifts and that he’s caused a few catfights here and there. Or so I’ve heard. We’ve been in the same class all semester and so far he’s kept a pretty low profile. Not that I notice him or anything. Maybe a little. The guy is hot, okay? It’s like the universe just assigns sports to an embryo in the womb and programs it to grow as big and beefy as it must in order to perform. And God does he perform. I’ve seen a few games on the local station and he’s impossible to miss on the ice. I only ever really get a back view and I’m not completely obsessive over the guy, but yeah, I know of him. There isn’t much to do in Connecticut besides fish and hockey and, being the quiet one most of the time, I got good at observing. Like how I’m observing right now that Jenna Vegas is getting up from her seat and marching her pink pumps over to Mrs. Erickson’s desk. There is some chatter among new partners now that everyone is assigned, so it takes a minute for Jenna’s voice to get to that perfect decibel of privileged and petty, but it gets there. Three minutes until class ends and I shove my notebook into my bag to avoid the daggers she is shooting over her shoulder at me. I roll my eyes, hopefully dramatically enough for her to see, and swing the strap of my bag over my head.

I feel my bag smack into something hard behind me. I hear a husky, winded chuckle and turn to see Logan with his hands raised at his chest as if trying to calm a stray animal. I look up at him, a lazy grin on his face and sleepy eyes that are still alert enough to drop down quickly to my chest before meeting my gaze again. Did he really just check me out? I didn’t even see him come over since I was distracted, trying to get the hell out of here before Jenna throws one of her infamous fits. I only have this class with her, but last year we had an English class together and when we were assigned reading lines, she practically screamed until she got to read the main part. As if we’d all keel over and die from not hearing her voice for ten minutes.

“Oh, hi. I was actually on my way o-“ Just then, Mrs. Erickson dismisses class and everyone files out of their seats and through the doors. “Out.” I finished.

“Hey…girl” Jenna calls out in my direction, marching over with a few other girls in tow. I wonder if they get tired of following her around. I recognize one of them as a girl I was in class with last year, only with more lip filler now and her nose significantly further up Jenna’s ass. A shame. She was actually pretty nice then.