Memories of Magic (This Reality #1) Read Online Rebekah Margaret Doss

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Waking up in a hospital is one thing. But waking up with no memories from before is quite another thing.
I was told my name.
I was told I was married.
Oliver. He doesn’t seem to want me around. Which is awkward since him and his friend are both doctors working with my amnesia problem.
Jin. The other doctor. And only friend. He seems to want to be in my company.
And then there are the nightmares of my child being taken from me. Except, I was told I had a miscarriage that no one wants to discuss.
Let’s not forget that the world was still recovering from finding out witches and faeries existed. By revealing themselves by publicly going to war with each other.
Now I’m left trying to put the pieces together as they slowly come to me. And they aren’t adding up.
I need my memory back.
I also need to figure out the dynamic with my husband and friend.


Chapter One

We weren’t running away. There wasn’t really anything to run away from. Not anymore. She was safe now. We were safe. I knew this. But, I still had to remind myself that we were not running away.

We just needed a break. That was it. And there was no better way to have a break than to go on a road trip.

Even though my daughter did not like the idea of leaving for the entire summer once school had ended. It might have been the fact that I had our packed bags and ready to leave before she had exited her last Zoom class. Or, because she had hoped to spend even a small amount of time with friends.

That was two weeks ago, and we had been having fun visiting ghost towns and museums since then. These were places that still seemed normal and so far back in history they couldn’t have been tainted by the world being exposed to magic.

There may very well have been magical items in the museum, or a random magical being that lived in the now dead towns. But, they were gone now. There was nothing. So, there was no magical anything, and that meant they were completely ordinary. They were safe.

Finding out that magic was truly out there, woven among us in the world, was one thing. Finding out that there was a full-blown war between the different magical beings, and that humans were, more often than not, casualties of that war, was something completely different to process.

Witches. Of course there may have been witches in the world. They’d always seemed to have had a big part in the history of mankind, even as told through the lens of myths and legends of different cultures. There were entire histories from different areas just based on witch hunts. But these were just folklore, tales for the fanatics, and answers for the unanswerable questions.

Believing in witches was to suspend belief in the natural and allow belief in the supernatural. These stories allowed for the imagination to conjure fanciful ideas of things that could have been, or may have been - there was never anything concrete, any evidence, that witches ever existed.

Magic had been well-known to be fiction.

Then the videos appeared, first on social media, before they were picked up and broadcasted to the national news. Witches fighting against the faeries. Or, at least that was what we were told. They definitely did not all look like those little pixies that Disney, or even Neopets, promised me.

Some of the faeries seemed to be more human looking compared to some of the monstrous counterparts. Yet, the vast subset diversity within the faeries had no impact, at all, on the image portrayed by the complete set. They all had something about them that just made them look…magical. Dangerous. Terrifying. Mystical.

Four months ago, everything was a boringly normal January. Bills needed to be paid. Meals needed to be planned and cooked. A sassy, pre-teen daughter needed to be raised, even though she believed she was a capable adult.

Overnight, life changed for everyone. There was a war going on around us. A magical war. The only world wide preparation we were even remotely exposed to was the Battle of Hogwarts at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A fictional war. Our reality was turned upside down; it didn’t help when the reality of the magical war was compared to one from a children’s book.

The naysayers, as were expected, showed up - even on national news - as fights between witches and faeries escalated into more places.

The tone of the world soon shifted from skepticism and conspiracy theories; two months after the initial war between the witches and faeries started, the faeries showed up at random schools. My daughter’s middle school was one of those schools. They thought they could try and kidnap hundreds of children in one day.