Librarian and the Bear (Oak Fast Fated Mates #5) Read Online Rebel Carter

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Your mate isn’t supposed to reject you, right? Well, Birdie’s did. JFC. Now what?

When Birdie Salazar found her mate, she thought it would be a cause for celebration, that her world would finally be complete. Except that when the long awaited day arrives he rejects Birdie before she can even tell him her name.
But it’s okay, or at least it will be.
So what if she can’t stop thinking about him and the pain she feels when she sees him with another woman nearly brings her to her knees. She’ll get through this.
She will.
Just because fate decided to give her an ungrateful Fae mate doesn’t mean she has to live with a broken bond that feels like a knife in her chest. Their world is one of magic and that means the solution to fixing the wound of her broken mate bond is just one Fae witch away. Birdie’s mate will find out that he’s not the only one that can reject their bond, and if he realizes what he lost, well that’s just too damn bad.



Once upon a time, there was a bear cub shifter with a perfect life. She lived in a town, clan, and home she’d always known. The cub grew to be strong and true. Her human form was just as capable as her bear. The shifter brought pride to her clan and worked hard (as bears do) each and every day to bring happiness and strength to their world.

But there were moments, in all the perfection of her carefully ordered life, that the bear felt, oh so very alone. There was an emptiness, an ache, in her heart. The only thing missing from her perfect life was a mate. Every day the bear awoke hopeful, yet went to bed lonely.

But she knew her mate was out there, somewhere, in the big, big world. All she had to do was keep waiting. Keep living her perfect life until they came. And keep believing the One was just around the corner.

Of course, this One would be just as strong and true as she.

One with a heart of gold.

One that was a shifter.

Her Fated Mate.

Yet, her mate was not a shifter and the bear was angry. The perfection of her life broke and shattered by a lesson her fated mate was more than willing to teach.

Her mate was human, but not.

A man between two worlds. The magic of mates in his blood as surely as it was the bear’s. But the lesson this bear had yet to learn is that fate rarely cares for perfect.


Birdie pointed a finger at Emmett. “Where the heck do you think you’re skulking off to?”

He frowned. “I’m not skulking.”

“You totally are,” Birdie took a step closer to the man, her heart squeezing when he mirrored her movement in the opposite direction.

“Stop! Where are you even going? You’re my mate.” The words should have felt perfect coming out of Birdie’s mouth. What else would a shifter feel when finding their mate?

Euphoric, blissed out, utterly at peace.

Sure, she thought those were probably all viable options when a shifter stumbled on their mate. Especially after waiting so long.

Or at least, they would be if said mate wasn’t edging away with wide eyes while shoving a book cart between them.

She frowned watching him. It just had to be a human, didn’t it? They were twitchy when it came to shifter ways and Fae magic. If her mate had been a shifter they would have understood. They would have felt the pull, the tenuous feeling coming to life in Birdie that made her ache when she watched Emmett bump into the bookshelves behind him in his scramble to put distance between them.

Why did this have to happen to her?

Why a human?

“You’re my mate,” she said again, and the words felt sour in her mouth. Heavy and sharp-edged, a knife twisting and sinking into her belly with each and every inch Emmett put between them.

“Where are you going?” Birdie whispered, hands clenching into fists. She wanted to chase after Emmett, to touch him, to bury her face in his neck and feel that spark that just passed between them again.

“Oh no,” Rosie murmured, hands covering her mouth as she watched. Birdie ignored her friend and forced herself to stay where she was even while Emmett’s head whipped back and forth, searching for an exit route. She couldn’t bear seeing the look of sadness and pity in Rosie’s eyes. If she did, she might break.

“I have to get out of here,” Emmett said and threw out his hands. “Now.” He looked anxious, panicked, definitely like he was two seconds away from bolting from the library. Birdie thought he might have if she hadn’t been between him and the aisle that led to the door.

“Where?” she asked, voice coming out in a croak. She’d never imagined meeting her mate would go this way. Yes, a human mate was the most challenging to have. They didn’t get it the way a shifter, fairy, or even a witch did. Witches were hard, but they understood the magical nature of the world and how the ancient arcane made the rules when it came to things like mates.