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Jack's Surrender (Holiday Cove #5)

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I’m the most notorious fighter pilot in the US Navy, so why am I spending my time flying filthy rich tourists up and down the coast and looking at bridal magazines?
Because I fell in love with Holly the first time I laid eyes on her. And now I think I'm losing her.
The US navy is my life and being a weekend warrior in the reserves is killing me. Do I re-enlist and take the chance of losing Holly? Or do I spend my time flying tourists up and down the coast?
Neither one sounds like a plan. I'll admit I'm indecisive. Holly is trying to move on with our life. House, wedding, kids.
I dont know what I want. Except her. Will my indecision push her away or will I finally get my shit together before we fall to pieces?

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Even after six months, waking up to the sight of the Pacific Ocean rolling in was still enough to take my breath away. Then again, so was the mortgage payment check we had to write every month to pay for the beach side bungalow. I tried not to think about that part first thing in the morning. Those kinds of thoughts required copious amounts of coffee. Luckily, my fiancé, Jack McGuire, was an expert with the fancy espresso machine our mutual friend Carly had given us as an engagement present a few months back.

The sweet scent of freshly poured espresso wafted up the stairs and I smiled to myself, drinking in one last long look at the ocean before tightening the sash on my robe and heading downstairs. Hunter, my oversize chocolate lab and Princess, Jack’s golden retriever both raced to the stairs as I came down. They clamored over one another, begging for attention, before the sound of Jack filling their food dishes dragged them away.

“Morning, baby,” Jack said as I crossed the living room. The bungalow was older but had undergone renovations the year before and had been adapted to fit modern design with a large, open living space so that the dining room, living room, and kitchen were all in one large room. Two columns stretched from either side of the kitchen island and provided a slight break in the space but left the kitchen exposed. I took a seat at one of the copper bar stools at the island and ran my fingers over the cool granite. The grains in the stone reminded me of the sand that stretched for miles mere steps from the back door.

He set a white mug in front of me. Steam poured off the rich brown liquid and I breathed in deeply. “Mmm. My favorite way to wake up,” I said, following a contented sigh.

Jack smiled at me and took a sip from his matching mug. “I can think of another of your favorites.”

My skin flushed at the suggestion. He was right. There was one other thing that made me even happier than fresh coffee in the morning. Sadly, I woke up alone more often than not the past few months. My smile fell as I looked up into his deep brown eyes that were etched with lines from years spent in the sun. “Yes, but in order for me to have that kind of a wake-up call, I’d need you to stick around for longer than two minutes after the alarm goes off.”

Jack was dressed in his normal morning running gear and his hair was damp with sweat. He was an avid runner and while I appreciated the magnificent things his habit did for his chiseled body, sometimes I wished his disciplined military mind would switch off for a few hours and stay in bed.

“You know I do my best work at night,” he responded, glossing over my lightly worded criticism with a smile.

I laughed softly and took a sip of the fresh hot coffee. “Speaking of, what are your plans tonight?”

Jack polished off the rest of his drink and deposited the mug in the sink. He sprayed some water and then turned back around. “Aaron wants me to go with him to an auction up in Modesto. So I won’t be home for dinner. We’ll probably grab something on the road.”

I pouted. “All right.”

“Come on, baby,” he said, his voice strained. “Don’t make me feel bad. I have to work. You know that.”

I pushed up from my place at the kitchen island. “It’s not that you have to work,” I whined. “It’s that we haven’t had dinner together in over a week.”

He groaned and raked his hands through his damp hair. “I know. Believe me, I know. I’ll do my best to make it home in time for dinner, but if I can’t then you need to take it up with Player.”

“Oh, I will.” I went to the sink and rinsed my own mug. I spun around and stared at him. He looked so good it hurt. I wanted nothing more than to grab him and kiss him until the tension between us fell away but before I could make a move, he rounded the island and headed for the stairs. I sighed softly. “Or I’ll go over his head and go straight to Gemma. She’ll be on my side!”

Jack laughed. “Sounds like a plan. I’m gonna hit the shower and head out.” He paused at the base of the stairs and turned around. “You working here today?”

I nodded. “At least for a while. I’m having lunch with Carly.”

“All right. I’ll say goodbye before I leave then.”

Without waiting, he charged up the stairs and I heard his footsteps as he went to the master bedroom. I sighed and muttered to myself as I went to the fridge and yanked out a carton of eggs. “Sure, it’s fine. I don’t mind having takeout alone for the fourth night in a row.” I sighed and stopped myself, my hand still on the fridge handle. I hated the bitchy tone in my voice and I knew Jack was tired of it too. “What is wrong with me?”