Fakeout (Lou & Jace Duet #1) Read Online Teralyn Mitchell

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... has an outcast, and in the Kindall family, it’s Lou. Avoiding them is her go-to move, but unfortunately, skipping her grandparent’s wedding anniversary celebration is not an option. Going alone, though? Total disaster. So, when her sexy neighbor volunteers to go with her, she agrees—quickly. Now, if only she could learn to ignore her very real attraction to her new fake boyfriend…
Jace Davenport knows exactly how it feels to be an outcast. His childhood certainly taught him that. That’s why he refuses to let Lou face her judgmental family on her own. Besides, maybe if he does a really good job pretending to be her boyfriend, she’ll consider upgrading him to the real thing…
A few hot kisses and stolen moments later, their fake romance starts to feel all too real. But is a happily ever after in the cards for this ex-soccer player and the girl of his dreams?

Lou and Jace will soon find out…



This playlist is made up of songs that inspired this story and others that I was listening to during the drafting and/or editing phase. It cannot be found online at this time.

“Blank Space” by Taylor Swift

“The Feels” by Maren Morris

“Wine Country” by Andrew Jannakos

“My Bad” by Teddy Swims

“Quit” by Maggie Scott

“Astronaut In The Ocean” by Masked Wolf

“Fallin” by Inayah

“Things I Can’t Say” by Spencer Crandall, Julia Cole

“What’s Your Country Song” by Thomas Rhett

“Bad Girl” by Daya

“Don’t Call Me” by Bailey Bryan

“On Me” by Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown,

Ava Max

“Ran into You” by Mitch Rossell,

Trisha Yearwood



Today was the Mondayest Friday in the history of Fridays, and I was so over it. I made sure my motorcycle jacket covered the front of my pants. During the last hour of my shift at the call center, I’d spilled coffee all over my jeans. My white jeans, mind you. I let out a long sigh as I pulled open the door to my apartment building. I was glad to be home. This Friday had been one for the books so far. My last phone call came in two minutes before my shift was over and went on for an hour after that. Once freed from phone prison, I’d left the office for the day. On the way home, I’d stopped at one of my favorite Thai restaurants for food and the grocery store to grab a six-pack of beer.

I looked up to see the elevator about to close before a hand grabbed one of the doors. I hurried to step inside. My stomach immediately dipped when I saw who was on the elevator with me. Jace Davenport. The guy I’ve been crushing on since I moved into this building a little over a year ago. The first thing I noticed back then, when he held the door open for me, were his crystal-blue eyes. They’d appraised me with clear interest, but I’d ducked my head, heading to the mailbox while he took the stairs up to his floor.

“Three?” Jace’s rumbly deep voice pulled me out of my memories, and I made eye contact with him.


I watched him push the button as the doors closed, and I swore the temperature of the elevator rose a few degrees. I bit down on my bottom lip as I shifted the bag of food onto my arm. I watched the numbers as they went up. I tried to think of something to say, but the elevator stopped on my floor.

“Enjoy your dinner and beer,” Jace said as I stepped off.

“You too,” I replied and groaned internally.

The half-smile that pulled at one corner of his full lips had my cheeks warming even more as the doors slid closed again. I let out a sigh of relief. What did I say about this Friday? I didn’t know why the universe saw fit that I suffered today. I walked down the hall and let myself into my apartment. After changing into a pair of pajama shorts and camisole, I grabbed my laptop, setting it up on the table. Once I sat on the couch with my food, I called my sister on video chat. Her pretty face filled the screen when she answered. Happiness danced in her steel-gray eyes that matched my own.

“Hey, girl,” I greeted.

“Hey,” she chirped. “I have news. Chey wants to join our video chat, and so do Robyn and Kiley.”

“What did I do to the powers at be? Did I curse them when I stubbed my toe or something? Fuck.”

“You can say no,” Savannah stated.

“And they’d know that I did since you’re a terrible liar.”

“You say that like it’s a flaw when most would call it a strength.”

“It’s a strength when it’s benefiting me,” I muttered. “Add them.”

I twirled some noodles onto my fork, shoving them into my mouth. Savannah started adding our older sister, Cheyenne, and two of our cousins—Robyn and Kiley—to the video chat. It only took a moment, and I was munching on a piece of spicy beef when the others filled the screen.