Dragon Bodyguard (Dragon Mafia Family #3) Read Online Sansa Moon

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He broke my heart years ago. And I’m still furious.
Sure, as my brother’s best friend and our dragon bodyguard, he was off-limits.
I loved him anyway, until he crushed me. Now, years later, he’s hell bent on protecting me.
And even though I curse him for it, I have little choice but to follow him.
Life in a mafia family of bloodthirsty dragons isn’t the safest.
I never thought I would be a target, but suddenly I am.
I know he’s only doing his job when he rescues me again and again.
But my traitorous heart is imagining he’s doing it for personal reasons too.
You think you’re over a guy and the heartbreak he caused you.
Until seeing him again brings up old memories and opens old wounds.
I’m infuriated with myself for melting into his heat, for letting him so close again.
But the flame that’s been reignited is getting stronger and stronger.
Am I ready to get burned again?


Chapter 1 - Misha

In less than twenty-four hours, Misha Sidorov would be pulling his gun and firing it at a handful of men to protect a woman he had thought he’d never see again. He would do it without thinking and without knowing the changes it would bring, not only for him but for her too.

At that moment, however, he stood straight-backed on the stoop of his employer.

his eyes catching on the glint of the sun reflected off the darkened windows of a car pulling up the driveway. Another car followed, and a third. In them traveled honored guests of his employer, Dmitri Kuznetsov. They were Misha’s responsibility for the afternoon. He didn’t know it, but the woman he had thought he’d never see again was riding in the car up front.

What Misha did know was that Dmitri’s uncle Ilya Kuznetsov—occupying the middle car—wasn’t visiting for pleasure, but for business, which lent the stay extra weight. Misha knew how important it was for the household to make a good impression, for everything to run smoothly. Especially with someone whose temper was as fickle as Ilya’s.

The cars came to a halt on the gravel driveway and Ilya stepped out of the middle car. He was a lanky older dragon, with a neatly trimmed salt-and-pepper beard and a thick head of black hair. His brown eyes were deceptively friendly, but Misha had the other man’s number. He knew precisely how much of a cutthroat Ilya was when it came to the family business. And most other things as well.

The door of the third car in the half-moon formation was flung open and a younger dragon climbed out. Ilya’s eldest son, Aleksander. Misha kept a smile of greeting down, wanting to stay professional even at the sight of his old friend. Aleksander had no such qualms, a big grin splitting his face. They hadn’t gotten the chance to catch up in over two years. Misha had no doubt this was going to be a grand reunion.

However, chances were he’d be kept busy and he knew he wouldn’t be assigned to Aleksander’s detail. As head bodyguard, he was expected to be available at the house at all times. Still, it was good to see his old friend.

As Ilya came up the steps, Misha reached out his hand.

“Ilya Kuznetsov, your nephew welcomes you to his home and regrets he couldn’t be here himself.”

Ilya took his hand in a forceful grip, squeezing hard to show his displeasure that Dmitri wasn’t there in person. Misha didn’t even blink. He’d expected no less.

Then a flash of blue made him turn his head to the person who had just exited the car at the front of the line. The world slowed and it was as though the air was sucked out of his lungs, slowly.


She was wearing a jumpsuit. One that he had no choice but conclude enhanced her delightful curves in all the right ways. Her dark hair lay in thick curls over one shoulder, her brown eyes hidden behind a pair of large sunglasses.

What the hell was she doing there? Had she been officially welcomed into the family? He’d never thought he’d see the day when Ilya embraced an illegitimate child, let alone brought them on an official trip such as this one. The dragon might enjoy keeping his offspring close, no matter their status, but to invite Kristina along he must have had a strong incentive. She was a shiftless, after all. A shifter born without a connection with her inner dragon. Scorned and shunned by most of polite society, and especially the types of people Ilya rolled with. He’d made a space for her in his home regardless, but this?

What must she have done to climb in his esteem?

She had to have proven herself somehow.

Misha didn’t want to be intrigued, but there was no denying that the born investigator in him immediately craved answers to each of his questions. He looked forward to the chance of grilling Aleksander for all the probably sordid details.