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Dad's CEO Boss

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Flora Ferrari

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Father-Daughter day at your father’s office is the last place you’d think to find love… or is it?
Have you ever felt the pull of destiny with just one look? That’s exactly how Logan Parker felt when he first took a look at Chrissy Foster’s photograph.
He had been dreading Father-Daughter week at his company, Logan Industries, which will undoubtedly remind him of what his seemingly perfect life is missing. But with just one look at her heart-stoppingly gorgeous face, he knows right away… this is the woman who will finally put an end to his lonely life at the top.
Chrissy Foster was just looking for an internship at the company her father worked at. Fresh out of college and eager to succeed, she hoped to snag a one-on-one with the powerful CEO of Logan Industries.
Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would get closer to him than anyone else has gone before. Irresistibly drawn to each other from the first moment they locked eyes, Logan and Chrissy embark on a passionate liaison, discovering each other’s bodies, minds, and spirits.
But business demands, a possible hostile takeover, and a protective father threaten to tear them apart. Will the harsh realities of the world come between them and destroy their dreams of a blissful life together?
Or will they overcome whatever challenges the world sends their way and find each other no matter what?
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


It was the only time, in all my time at college, that the whole class acknowledged I even existed thanks to Logan Parker. In economics, my least favorite subject, the professor had been particularly interested in Logan Parker.

“I understand your father works alongside the great man?” he’d asked, stopping his lecture on philanthropy incorporate models, using Logan Parker as an example.

I could only turn bright red, shrug, and squirm as the hundred eyes who usually taunted me suddenly wanted to know something more about me.

And here I am now, on my way to see the man himself.

Well, his building anyway. I’d played it cool when dad suggested he apply for me to take part in Father-Daughter week at Logan Industries.

“It could be a shoo-in for an intern application, Chrissy,” he says now, without wanting to make promises he can’t keep or control.

I nod in agreement, looking past him, picturing Logan at his desk… summoning me to him.

Logan Parker.

I’m nervous when we arrive, but it’s just another day at the office for dad, who puts me at ease with a squeeze of my hand as we walk into the huge foyer of the towering glass and steel building.

“Well! If it isn’t Mr. Parker himself!” My dad exclaims, and I feel my heart explode like fireworks in my chest, my palms all wet, and once our eyes lock, my panties even wetter.

Logan Parker is doing a formal meet and greet near the elevators, with some media there to report on his contribution to Father-Daughter day by instead having a whole week of it.

Something that surprises my dad as much as it does me, Logan Parker doesn’t ‘do’ publicity.

I wonder why he’s really out here today? Who cares. It’s really him.

He’s casually shaking hands and welcoming others when his eyes stray past everyone else and lock onto mine.

Dark, intense eyes, which widen and smolder with intensity as I feel a small sound escape me.

I actually think I hear my dad gulp too, Logan Parker just has that effect on people.

His huge frame, all muscle from what I can see straining against his immaculate tailored suit, fills the foyer with his aura of power and what can only be called pure sex appeal.


Dark eyes match his dark, thick hair which is as stylish as his suit. Nothing out of place as if the man himself holds everything in balance by simply existing.

His marble cut jawline seems too tense, revealing a subtle dimple in his cheek that gives him a sudden almost boyish look as he also cocks a brow, letting his eyes travel down my body.

His gaze, like his hands, is strong and powerful. He’s not looking at anyone else like this, a slight curl of his lip and a low tone which resonates through the foyer tells me his attention is just for me.

I feel my chest stiffening, wishing I’d worn a thicker blouse and maybe not one that’s pure white.

I know he can see my nipples, and I gasp. Suddenly wanting him to see them, wanting him to want them.

He has a tall, chesty but thin blond girl’s hand in his, which he drops, almost pushing his way past everyone else. My dad clears his throat and extends his hand, but Logan Parker is only looking at me.


Nope, that’s a growing pant bulge if ever I’ve seen one.

Which I haven’t until today.

Over me?

I half figure it is, but Logan Parker could have any girl he wants, surely it’s just a trick of the light.

But that light in his eyes is no trick and in seconds, he has his huge hand outstretched to mine, the instant electricity between us undeniable.

The flash of cameras and the sound of his step is all that fills the air for a few moments.

There’s a sudden hush as he takes my hand into his, holding it way too long before he hesitates, looking like he wants to bend down and kiss it, but begrudgingly thinking better of it.

“You’re Chrissy,” he says in a low, smoky tone, sending an instant shiver from the top of my head to the swollen heat of my mound.

I can only squeak, nodding my head in time with the low growl which escapes him. I even hear a few other females gasping, so I’m not imagining things.

The man is sex on legs, and I want his in between mine suddenly. The thought making me blush.

“This is Chrissy, Mr. Parker,” My dad says enthusiastically, offering his own hand again, which Logan ignores.

“I’m her dad, Charles Foster, from corporate accounts,” he adds his voice breaking, making somebody at the back snicker with laughter.

Then a flash of light as the moment is immortalized forever.

“I know who you are, Charles. Be a sport and deal with the media here, won’t you?” Logan says huskily, still not taking his eyes off mine, but hooking my arm under his and turning to make for the elevators.