Cursed by the Corpse (Tales of a Midlife Mortician #1) Read Online Lisa Manifold

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When it comes to the funeral home, they’re dying to get in… I hope I’m not next.

When newly widowed Janey Whithaven receives a call in the middle of the night to retrieve the body of Montpier’s most recently departed, she’s caught off guard. Her husband isn’t even cold in his grave but as the only funeral home left in this part of Lake of the Ozarks, she really doesn’t have a choice. Janey thought she’d have time to grieve and figure out what to do with the family funeral home. She never imagined being asked to step into her darling Norman’s loafers only a week after his death.
Compounding her grief and sudden promotion to head mortician, Janey is shocked to discover her very first client is none other than Victoria Jones, her nemesis from way back in her beauty school days. It doesn’t take long before Janey discovers that maybe Victoria’s death wasn’t the accident the sheriff deemed it. And when Victoria’s ghost appears at the foot of her embalming table, it’s clear that there is something else going on in Montpier, and that something includes murder.
Unwilling to ignore a miscarriage of justice but unable to tell anyone that she’s now seeing – and talking to – ghosts, Janey embarks on her own investigation. This opens her eyes to another side of Montpier, where power-hungry covens have raised infighting to an art form and she’s learning that the town’s fabled history is more real than just a campfire ghost story. Nothing would please Janey more than to see Victoria laid to rest once and for all. But unless she uncovers the truth of Victoria’s death, neither of them will ever be at peace.
Janey never asked for this. She sure isn’t ready for it. But as Norm used to say… Death doesn’t care whether you’ve done your hair.



Linn Creek, Missouri

(original location)



Mazie looked around, feeling the anger that had kept her going resurface once more. Normally, she’d have already retreated to the rocking chair in the kitchen, next to the stove, but not too close. Or, if it was a nice evening, a long sit on the front porch of her cabin.

But she wasn’t in her cabin anymore. Her cabin was gone, along with most of the town. Now she was here, in the place she’d been coming since she was a little girl, where she’d first met Miss Patience.

Patience Clemming had been the first of them, the first of the charmers of coppice and tarn. Or forest and river, as it was better known. Like Patience, coppice and tarn were Mazie’s bedrock. Her touchstone. The thing that held her to this earth. The thing that made her Mazie. That tied her to this world and made her want to better it.

That wouldn’t happen the way she’d hoped or planned. Not now.

Steps sounded in the trees beyond the cabin, and she stiffened, listening. Then her shoulders relaxed.

“Come on out, Pearl,” she breathed.

Pearl Ward, her only child, her beloved daughter, emerged from the line of trees. She walked toward the small cabin, determination visible in every step. “Momma,” she said.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Mazie walked back in the door, turning her back on the forest and Pearl.

“Well, we’re gonna talk about it, you stubborn old woman.” Pearl’s voice, though low, was angry and firm. “You’re coming with me.”

“This is my home,” Mazie said. There was no fire in her words.

“It was your home. And it wasn’t even your full-time home, but where you came to hide out. That home is gone, and your home is with me now. You can live with us. Teddy said—”

“I don’t care what Teddy said.” Mazie turned, her arms crossed, as she glared at her daughter. “Teddy Ward is a decent man, but he will never understand. None of the Wards do. They’re not like us. They’re not of the earth like we are. That’s fine, though.” She waved a hand at Pearl, hoping to forestall any other disagreement. “You’re happy and settled. You love him, and he loves you. That’s all I wanted.”

“That is not all you wanted. That’s never been all you wanted. It isn’t even close to what you wanted! What I don’t understand is why you are throwing it all away?” Pearl hissed.

“This is the way it has to be, girl.” Mazie touched her daughter’s face. “But I have something for you.”

Pearl’s eyes filled with tears. She knew the tone in her mother’s voice. “What?” Her voice was a whisper.

Instead of answering, Mazie walked toward the back of the cabin and took a leather-bound

book from a small chest. “This is yours now, Pearl.”

“Momma, no.” Tears slid down Pearl’s cheeks. “This is your book.”

“No, it’s yours now. You know the words; you know what to do.” Mazie pressed it into her daughter’s midsection. “You’re the keeper now.”