Bought by His Best Friend (More Than Friends #5) Read Online Victoria Vallo

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Aiden allows his best friend to talk him into a bachelor auction, even though he’s sure no one will bid on him. Tate has always been there for him, and Aiden knows it’s way past time he started showing his friend the same support. Deafening silence fills the room when Aiden steps onto the stage, but then a voice rings out from the back.
Tate can’t help smiling at the look of shock on Aiden’s face, but he knows he’s done a good job of hiding his feelings over the years. Far too good a job. Now, he can’t stay silent any longer. When another bidder steps in, Tate refuses to back down. He knows he can win this auction, and once he does, he’s got plans to win his best friend’s heart.



Tate hopped out of his car and texted Aiden to let his best friend know he’d arrived to pick him up. He crossed the parking lot quickly to get away from the heat radiating back up off the asphalt and made his way up the wobbly metal and concrete steps to Aiden’s apartment. When he was four steps away from the top, he saw the knob turn, signaling that Aiden had unlocked the door for him. He pulled it open and stepped inside, a sigh escaping him as the chilly apartment air washed over him. He locked the door back and looked around for Aiden.

“You almost ready?” Tate called when he found himself standing alone.

“Almost,” Aiden called from the bedroom.

“You can bring your clothes and change there, if you want.”

Aiden came back out of the bedroom with a suit in one hand and two pairs of khaki pants in the other. Tate’s attention, however, was drawn elsewhere, as Aiden wore nothing but socks and a pair of boxer shorts.

“I don’t know what clothes to wear. The auction organizer said come dressed for the kind of date you want to have.” He looked at his clothes and then lowered his hands. “Isn’t that up to the winning bidder? I don’t know what kind of date I want. I haven’t been on one in so long I feel sorry for the woman who wins me. She’ll probably want her money back.”

Aiden seemed so stressed Tate wanted to tell him he didn’t have to go through with the auction. He also wanted to back him into the bedroom and pin him to the wall, but neither of those options would do. Tate had plans for tonight, and beyond, and winning Aiden in this auction was the first step.

Tate grabbed the pair of darker khakis and pushed past Aiden, consciously resisting the urge to brush against him too much. He went into Aiden’s closet and grabbed the blue shirt he’d given Aiden for Christmas. “You look good in this,” he said, pushing the clothes at Aiden. “Go get dressed. This auction is for charity. It’s not about you. Sometimes, the people who win dates don’t even go through with them. They have a little chat or maybe a drink with the person they won and then leave it at that.”

“Really?” Aiden said as he walked into the bathroom.

“Yes, really. They’re doing it for the cute puppies and kitties.”

“That makes more sense then,” Aiden mumbled.

Tate frowned. “What do you mean?”

Aiden poked his head out the door. “Why you talked me into this. You have half a dozen friends hotter than me.” He ducked back into the bathroom.

Maybe, but I don’t want any of them. “That’s a matter of opinion.”

“Why aren’t you doing it? You’d get more bids than I could ever dream of getting.”

Tate opened his mouth, but the words died on his lips. In all the years they’d been friends, Aiden had never made a single comment on the way Tate looked. He hesitated and finally said, “Maybe.”

Aiden laughed and stepped out of the bathroom. He reached for a belt and slipped it on. “Maybe? Come on.” He fastened the belt and looked in the mirror before grabbing a pair of shoes. “I clean up all right, but you could probably roll out of bed and bring in more money than I will.”

“I think you’re going to do just fine,” Tate said.

“I hope so. I’d hate to disappoint your mom. I feel like I’d be more help if I served drinks like I did last year. I do it for a living, after all.”

Tate’s gut clenched. His mom would be disappointed if he got his heart broken. She’d told him so just an hour earlier, right after she’d tried to dissuade him from bidding on Aiden. Last year, at this very same charity auction for the animal shelter, he and Aiden had jumped in to tend the bar at the last minute when the men she’d hired had been involved in a car accident. That had been the night her years of suspicions had been confirmed—her gay son was in love with his straight best friend. “Mom adores you. I promise you won’t disappoint her.” I won’t let you. I know I’m right about you. About us.