Bad Boys – Shut Out (Falls Creek Falcons #1) Read Online C.H. James

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The boys are in town. The Bad Boys. The small town of Falls Creek doesn’t know what’s hit them. A new hockey team of giant men with dangerous good looks and bad attitudes to match has ripped the heart from the town.
Axel Lewis
Breaking bones on the ice, breaking hearts off it. My rugged good looks and dangerous reputation has served me well.
Until I meet her. The plus-size blonde who kicks me out of the bar says I’m not her type. Her curvy body drives me wild, but my advances fail. She declares I’m her worst enemy. She hates me. That’s what she thinks. To win her heart, I need to show her I’m not who she thinks I am. The bad boy in the headlines isn’t the man she’s falling for.
But when I find myself mixed up in the wrong crowd again, have I finally blown my chance at true love?
Four tough talking, panty melting, bone shattering hockey stars take to the ice with one trophy left to secure. These hard men have never loved before, but they’ve never set foot in Falls Creek either. The curvy-licious women have these naughty men on their best behavior. For now. It’s about to get hot and steamy, and these dirty players don’t puck around.




I slam the draught tap off, drumming my finger on the side to the beat of the jukebox playing in the corner of the room. Avoiding the heavy gaze of the man in front of me, I tilt the cold glass to rid the rim of the heavy froth and slam it on the bar. “That’s five dollars, please.”

The man in a suit plucks a ten dollar note from inside his jacket. He winks at me, looks down at my chest and his brows shoot up. He slides the cash across the bar and says, “The rest is for you, darlin’… Just as long as I get a phone number in return.”

I force a fake smile. I’m getting pretty fucking good at it. I’ve spent my entire life feigning happiness and ever since I took this job at Staggered and Slurred in Falls Creek, I’ve perfected the craft even further.

Cringy men. All slimy and drunk. They’re all the same, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

Even though I’ve escaped to Falls Creek… Far, far away from my father and his stupid business associates, there is no escaping creeps disguised as respectable businessmen. It doesn’t make a difference if you’re in the bright lights of New York City or the dusty streets of a small town like this.

But I’ve seen beyond the flash tie, crisp shirts, and tailored suits.

I was one of them.

I was on track to become something huge. Promised the world and a promotion to get the job in the fastest growing IT company in the entire United States. My father’s company. I had the knowledge and the connections. Heck, my father built the company from the ground up and now he’s listed in Forbe’s Magazine as one of the world’s wealthiest billionaires.

I had it all. The world was at my feet.

That’s until my dad’s associate decided I was yesterday’s girl. He wanted our relationship to be kept quiet, and for six weeks, I played along happily. But I wouldn’t just sleep with him. I wasn’t that kind of girl. I needed a commitment first. I didn’t want to hide in the background and not tell anyone about our relationship. But he wasn’t willing to do that.

Then, just like the suit in front of me would if I handed my number over the bar, he stopped returning my calls. He avoided me at the office and at work events. At the drop of a hat, I became nothing to him.

The day my dad dragged me into his office and laid me off, after some ‘suggestions’ from his team of directors, was the most humiliating day of my life. I might have been one of the brightest young women on the tech scene in New York City, but to my father’s right-hand man, I was supposed to be just another number in his little black book.

So when I wouldn’t give in to him, he had me fired. By my own father.

I moved as far away as I could. Falls Creek isn’t just where I ran out of gas and withdrew the last check from my bank account. My oldest friend just moved here, and she’s been a real-life saver helping me find a new place to live. Now, Falls Creek is the place I call home.

The suit in front of me sips at the cold beer, flashing his gold watch at me like I’m supposed to be impressed. Being the daughter of a billionaire, I’ve seen it all. And in the words of Shania Twain, That Don’t Impress Me Much.