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Accidental Baby

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R.R. Banks

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That smoking one-night stand with the sexy mountain man?
Turns out it’s more than just a hot hook-up. Now, I’m carrying his baby.

Aidan Anderson. Billionaire. Head of Anderson Development.
I thought I had it all. The perfect life.
But when the unthinkable happened, I became a broken man.
Isolation and solitude were all I craved.

I retreated to my mountain overlooking the small town of Ashton Mill.
There, I met Katie. Her plump lips and gentle curves made me feel whole again.
And reawakened my protective instincts.

When she shows up at my fortress, her full curves almost make me forget that she’s in danger
A stalker is hunting her, and he wants to take her from me.
But, I won’t let that happen.
History is not going to repeat itself this Holiday. Not on my f*cking watch.

I’ll protect Katie and our baby.
And I’ll destroy anyone that stands in my way

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Three Years Ago

The October evening air is crisp, cool, and filled with a sense of festive anticipation. Though it’s dark outside, I know the trees in front of my property have transitioned from verdant green into vibrant shades of gold, chocolate, and crimson. The moon isn’t quite full, but it hangs high and bright in the sparkling night sky, with thin wisps of clouds floating across its face.

I love this time of year – partly, because the cooling temperatures are a welcome relief from the nearly endless heat and humidity that plagues this area. But mostly? I just love this season in general. Always have.

Halloween, naturally, is my all-time favorite holiday, and I go all out for it every year. The front of my property has an elaborate graveyard set-up, complete with creepy props, ghosts, monsters, and goblins. Smoke machines are pumping out fog underlit with eerie green lighting, giving it an otherworldly aura. And on the night of Halloween itself – tomorrow night, actually – an elaborate, scary maze will be temporarily constructed on the rear of my property for the neighborhood children to enjoy.

Yeah, I’m a big kid myself when it comes to Halloween – in fact, I might even enjoy it more than they do.

Although I love autumn here more than anything, during the grips of summer down here in the South, I often curse my older brother Liam for snagging the far more temperate Northwest territory of Anderson Development Enterprises.

Of course, Savannah isn’t without its charms. The architecture is amazing. The city itself is beyond beautiful. Personally, I consider it one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country. And the women – at least, in my experience – are beyond incredible.

Though, some might think I’m biased since I snagged one of the sweetest Georgia peaches ever born and am making her my wife.

From the moment I first laid eyes on Madeline Halsey, I knew I would spend the rest of my days with her. Five-foot-ten with long black hair, eyes that sparkle like polished jade, and rich, tawny skin, Madeline could have graced the runway of any fashion designer around the world. In fact, she’s rejected modeling offers from some of the industry’s best.

Maddy knows she’s a knockout but doesn’t let it impact her personality or attitude at all. She’s said before that she doesn’t deserve any praise or adulation for a fluke of genetics.

The thing I love the most about her, however, is her brilliant mind. She is easily one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. I’m not ashamed to admit she has at least ten times more brainpower than I do. The woman is gifted, and I’m constantly in awe of her mental prowess.

She has a Master of Science in Biomedicine and eventually wants to go back for a Ph.D. Her goal is to cure some of the deadliest infectious diseases known to man, like Ebola or Malaria. She wants to leave a lasting impact on this world and help save it.

I admire my fiancée. She’s a constant source of inspiration, and I feel like the luckiest man in the world to call her mine.

I pull my Range Rover into the driveway of our recently purchased home. Fleury House is a sprawling three-story estate done in a Gothic Revival style of architecture – most people would call it a mansion, I guess. We fell in love with it the moment we saw it, and I knew I had to have it. Sure, its thirteen bedrooms are probably overkill, but the house itself, not to mention the ten acres of manicured grounds surrounding it, are utterly incredible.

With its high pointed roofs, intricately carved archways, and beautiful and intricate wrought-iron work, Fleury House is my dream home. In the back are horse stables, extensive gardens, and a large fountain that looks like it belongs in the palace of some French king.

When Maddy and I saw it, we instantly knew this was it. This is where we would start our family.

I get out of the car and look around the front of the property, enjoying the elaborate decorations. Unlike many places around the U.S., our little community still has a lot of kids who enjoy getting dressed up and doing the whole trick-or-treating thing. Which I’m glad for. I hate how Halloween seems to be dying out in some parts.

Satisfied that everything out here looks to be in order, I stroll up the walkway to the porch, musing about how perfect life is. I really don’t understand how I’ve been so fortunate, but I’m grateful for whatever guardian angel is looking down on me.

I may have drawn the short end of the stick territory-wise, but to me, the perks of the South are invaluable.

I unlock the door and step inside, rushing to reset the alarm before it goes off. I punch in our security code – 8068 – before I realize the alarm isn’t set. Odd. Normally when I work late, Madeline and the staff are very careful about making sure the alarms are set, and the house is secure.